Do we all have a purpose in life?

by Martijn
Do we all have a purpose in life?

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Do we all have a purpose in life? It’s probably one of the questions people ask themselves most often. I had this question for quite a few years as well. And in my spiritual journey, I found many different answers. None of them were satisfying and they all had holes in them.

And then I learned about nondualism and how to understand our purpose in life from the perspective of nonduality. It all started to make sense and gave my life a completely different meaning.

Do we all have a purpose in life?

Life may seem useless at times but fortunately, we all have a purpose in life. And what may surprise you is that we all have the same purpose.

It’s true we all have a different destiny. We all have our life’s accomplishments set in stone even before we are born. Some are destined to be wealthy, famous, and successful. Others will seemingly pass through life unnoticed.

But regardless of your destiny in life, you share the same purpose with everyone else on our planet; spiritual awakening.

Understanding the difference between your life’s mission and your life’s purpose

It’s probably the biggest mystery in the history of mankind. We ask ourselves if our life has a purpose. We look for a meaningful way to make an impact on the people around us. And we somehow want to be remembered for the things we did and for who we were.

But the things we do to fulfill that desire are given to us by ourselves. It’s a purpose we have assigned to ourselves. Or maybe it was given to us by others. Based on the specific skills and talents we have we seem to be destined to certain things in life.

This kind of purpose is not the real purpose of your life. It should more be seen as your destiny. It’s what you are supposed to be doing in this lifetime. And more often than not it’s directly related to your character, personality, intelligence, body type, and many other traits you might possess in this particular reincarnation.

You can see this as your mission in life. Something you feel intuitively was waiting for you your entire life to be fulfilled by you.

Your mission can even be shared with and by other people in many different ways. As lovers, friends, business partners, you name it.

But your purpose is not that. Your purpose is the reason why you came here, in this life, in this body, on this particular planet.

So, this means your purpose must be related to who and what you were before you were born. It cannot be anything of this world. Because who and what you were before coming here has nothing to do with the things you accomplish in this world.

Our true origins that reveal our real purpose

That puts a completely different perspective on what your purpose is, right?

If your purpose is not related to anything you do here as a human being, then what is it? And how can you achieve it?

To find an answer to those questions you need to dig a bit deeper into who and what you really are.

When I did that for myself I ended up at the core of spirituality; nondualism. In another article I will explain in detail what it is and how you can benefit from studying and practicing nondualism. But to explain what your and everyone else’s purpose is in this lifetime you need to understand the basics of nonduality.

It says we are all one. And that everything we can perceive as separate is an illusion. An illusion created by ourselves to feel special. But by doing this we separated ourselves from our source in our mind. And all we’ve been doing ever since is trying to escape the reunion with our source in our minds. Because that reunion would make us lose our specialness and our sense of individuality.

I hope you start to see that there can only be one real purpose for everyone. And that is our awakening to our true identity as one, united in Spirit. And our return to this unified state of mind, of which we are all so afraid.

How the belief in a special purpose is holding you back from awakening

It’s very easy to say you believe Oneness. Many people do. But when it comes down to what they really believe it turns out they made it special and in reality, they are very focused on their individuality and their mission in life. And they have not fully understood what it means for them.

There is nothing wrong with dedicating a lot of energy and effort to your mission. That’s what I do with my blog and these articles. But once you believe your mission is your purpose, you lost track of reality.

As long as you believe you have a special purpose in this lifetime. A purpose that is different from that of other people. One specifically designed for you. You will not be able to awaken spiritually.

And not waking up spiritually means you will continue to come back over and over again. Until you finally decide to stop believing the purpose of your life is anything else than your spiritual awakening.

Why is spiritual awakening everyone’s purpose?

Let me try to make it as simple as possible for you to understand. If we are all one, how can your purpose be different from the one of someone else?

It’s quite simple. You can decide to stay within your dualistic perception and continue to make everything special. Including your supposed spiritual awakening to Oneness. But that’s a trap that makes you believe you are advancing spiritually. While, in reality, you continue to embrace your individuality and your separated state of mind.

Or you can surrender to the truth. Let go of specialness. Let go of the importance of your mission in life. And make your true purpose your priority.

Your purpose is not defined by you as a human being. You were placed on this earth by something else. And that something else had a purpose for you.

The reason you believe to be here is that you chose to separate yourself from your source. And you preferred suffering, pain, and loss over an eternal and changeless existence in Oneness.

The choice to see your true purpose

So, to know your purpose you need to see and perceive your available options from the perspective of that something that put you here. And once you do that you will see there are two ways to look at it.

1. The choice for separation

You see who you are. But you prefer to continue to feel special. You prefer to see separation, so you can continue with your special mission in life. A mission that makes you different, and often better than others. One where you incarnate a body, separate from other bodies. And where you enter in a competition to survive for as long as possible within that body.

2. The choice for Oneness

You see who you are. You see you are not special. That you are pure Spirit, Oneness. Inseparable from the things you believe to see with your eyes. You see that your mind has been deceiving you to see separation and that this is causing all the suffering in the world. Therefore, your only purpose can be spiritual awakening. Your awakening to reality, your original state of being.

The first option comes from the ego, your separated state of mind. Which obviously wants to preserve the separation at all cost. If you believe this is your purpose, you can now see how it tosses you into an endless cycle of incarnations. With many missions, but no real impact on anything. Just an infinite cycle of useless lives to keep yourself from being who you really are.

The second option comes from your true source and will bring you home. When you choose this option your life becomes meaningful and it will have a real purpose and an immeasurable impact on the people around you as well. Because when you achieve Oneness in your mind the entire world will unite with you in Spirit.

Why everyone will fulfill their purpose

Eventually, everyone will fulfill their true purpose. Remember, this is all just an illusion. You are not really here. The world you see is a simple projection of what you want to be real.

In reality, we never separated. If there were separation at some point, Oneness could’ve never been real. In Oneness there are no options to choose from.

A simple but very profound way to see how Oneness can be the only reality is to look at time. Time is a concept that must have a beginning and an end.

What was before time then must be exactly the same as after time ended. This clearly shows time is an illusion. And so everything that occurs in time must also be an illusion.

The way you perceive your life’s purpose can either cause you to perpetuate the illusion. Or to end it forever.

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