How to listen to your higher self (detailed guidance)

by Martijn
How to listen to your higher self (detailed guidance)

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A few years ago I learned how to connect with my higher self quite easily. As the years passed and I started to practice nondualism I deepened that connection and found an even easier way to do it. This connection with my higher self has brought me a lot of inner peace. I’d love for you to be able to experience the same thing, so, in this article, I’ll be sharing everything you need to know about your higher self.

How to listen to your higher self

How do you listen to the higher self? It’s fairly simple once you get it. Your higher self is always present and it never stops speaking to you. But to be able to hear its voice you need to quiet all other voices in your mind. You need to reduce all distractions so you can easily tune into this silent voice from within.

What is the higher self?

Before you can listen to your higher self you need to know what it is and what you are actually wanting to listen to. Your higher self is that what you are into eternity.

It’s the part of you that is changeless and eternal. And it knows everything that happened and will ever happen in all your lifetimes. It’s the memory of God that speaks to you in silence at all times, available to you whenever you are ready to hear it.

How can I hear the inner voice of God?

So, the higher self is the inner voice that represents God within yourself. This voice speaks to everyone at all times but few choose to truly listen. Hearing the higher self is not difficult at all. But what is much more difficult is to prepare yourself so you are ready to hear it.

It requires a lot of willingness and discipline on your end because you’ll need to undo all beliefs and ideas about the world and yourself. You’ll need to let go of judgment and open your mind to question your own identity to create a mental environment in which you allow yourself to listen without interference.

Quiet the ego-mind

The ego-mind is what is blocking you from hearing your higher self. To understand what the ego-mind is I recommend you to read this post about nondualism.

The ego will passively and actively attempt to keep you from hearing the inner voice of God. It will fool you into believing you’re hearing His voice, while in reality, you’re listening to the ego, trying to deceive you and send you on the wrong path.

There are a few things that have helped me a lot to quiet the ego-mind. And I’m sure they’ll help you too.

Observing instead of judging

To quiet the ego-mind you have to start observing instead of judging. At first, this is very hard to do. Because a human being is used to judging from the day he or she was born.

Whenever we observe something we tend to immediately assign a meaning to that what we observe.

This judgment comes from the ego. So when you detain the judging thoughts in your mind you’ll suspend the ego thoughts for a moment. Which opens up a brief space in time for you to hear your higher self.

Listen instead of hearing

And when you manage to detain the ego-mind for a while you need to be very careful to not let it slip back in. The ego-mind hears what it wants to hear and judges immediately. It will shout at you and convince you of its truth.

But when you listen without judgment you simply know. When you are truly listening to your higher self it will always come with a deep sense of knowing and it will feel like it wasn’t you who was speaking.

You’ll often be amazed by the wisdom shared with you by this voice in your mind. And it will seem as if this voice is not your own. But the opposite is true. It’s the voice of your true self.

How do I tune my inner voice?

Tuning your inner voice is not something you need to worry about. Your task is to tune into the voice of your higher self.

Your higher self is always there. It’s always eager and available at all times. What is blocking you from hearing it is what you need to work on.

The ego has different priorities for you and you’ll need to learn how to set those aside. It needs you to believe you control this voice so it can tell you what it needs to fulfill your individual desires.

Your higher self doesn’t have individual desires, it looks after everyone equally.

Don’t force to hear your higher self

Your higher self always speaks to you. It’s always ready to guide you and support you. But it’s quiet and gentle. And to be able to hear it, you need to be quiet and gentle yourself as well.

You cannot try to listen to your higher self and expect a certain outcome. This will always result in either a wrong interpretation or nothing at all. And it’ll leave you frustrated and asking why you’re not able to hear your higher self.

Trust what you feel

Something else to be aware of is what you feel once you’ve managed to connect with your higher self. Often it will not speak in words. That doesn’t mean it’s not communicating.

So, you need to pay close attention to how you feel. And trust your very first impression. It’s normal to start second-guessing if what we felt was right. But deep inside you know.

Your higher self never has any doubts, and what it communicates to you is always certain. As crazy as it might feel to you. Learn to trust and follow its guidance.

How to know if you hear God’s voice

So, you’re asking yourself: “How can I hear God’s voice and understand it?” And that’s indeed a great question that shows you are humble enough to question where you are in your spiritual growth.

Of course, this takes time and practice. It will remain difficult to observe and feel without judgment and with full faith for quite a while. But there a few things that might help you to make it a bit easier.

It takes courage and strength to recognize you might not be as far as you maybe thought. But the willingness to question your own beliefs and understanding of true spirituality is key to learn how to listen to your higher self. 

Here are some other things that will get you going on your path.

God doesn’t speak to you directly but through His memory within yourself

It’s very common for people to believe that God speaks to them directly in one way or another. For most people, this belief comes from a good and innocent heart. But even while their intentions are good, that doesn’t make this belief less ignorant.

God cannot speak to anyone directly because He is Oneness. He is all there is. If He would speak to you, He would recognize the existence of duality. Which is entirely impossible.

So the only way God can speak to you is via the memory of Him that we all carry within our minds.

His voice is silent, it never asks to be the protagonist

When the voice of the memory of God speaks to you, It will do so quietly, in silence. It will never demand your attention. Although It is available for you to hear every single moment.

I like to describe it as an all-knowing presence within yourself. And simply by recognizing this presence, you will intuitively know how to act in the world.

Your remembrance of God, of your higher self, can manifest in many different ways. But it will never force itself upon you. It doesn’t need to, because it is who you are at your core. You just need to drop all defenses and listen.

Your higher self will never directly tell you what to do

Therefore your higher self will never tell you exactly what to do. As I mentioned before, God is Oneness. He doesn’t know duality. This means also your higher self does not know duality.

And there where all is one, nothing needs to be done to fulfill God’s will. He can only communicate love and Oneness. Because that is what your ultimate purpose is in life.

Your higher self could inspire you to say or do something

But that doesn’t mean that communication with your higher self cannot inspire you to say or do certain things in your life.

It’s very common for this to happen. And when you are touched by this divine inspiration you will have no doubts. The certainty with which it will be communicated to you will leave no room for hesitation.

But when you let that moment pass and start to question yourself and your capacity to listen to the inner being you are back in the ego-mind. The ego-mind will try to transmit certainty. But when you truly observe your thoughts and feelings you will see its arrogance with the only goal to hide its insecurities.

And that is exactly the opposite of the type of communication you are receiving from your higher self every single moment of the day. Always remember, your higher self is certain, and it is love.

And if you feel those things you’re probably well on your way to learning how to listen to your higher self.

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