Identifying your spiritual calling is easy (this is how you do it!)

by Martijn
Identifying your spiritual calling is easy (this is how you do it!)

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We all want to know what our spiritual calling is. It will give our life purpose and direction. But for most people, it’s very hard to know what this calling is. I have been searching for my spiritual calling for many years. Quite a few times I got sidetracked, but when I finally understood what my calling was everything made sense.

Identifying your spiritual calling

Identifying your spiritual calling is easy. You just need to go deep within and listen to your higher self. This is not done by focusing on the act of listening, but by undoing everything that blocks you from hearing the message that is communicated to you in the silence of your mind.

What is a spiritual calling?

To be able to identify your spiritual calling you first need to know what it is. Most people believe it’s that thing you are meant to be doing that is most aligned with your higher purpose, that what you are good at and can be useful for the world in any shape or form.

This in itself is not incorrect. However, it would be a mistake to think it’s something you do externally, outside of your mind.

You might be thinking about any kind of vocation that helps other people around you. Like working for a non-profit in underprivileged countries or becoming a life coach to guide other people to more success, health, wealth, and happiness. But those things are not spiritual callings.

You can surely refer to these things as a calling because they might be in your destiny. And they will most likely feel like it’s a natural thing for you to do in your life. After all, you are supposed to be doing exactly that to fulfill your own happiness and that of many others.

But the meaning of a spiritual calling is something entirely different. To understand what a spiritual calling is, you must know what true spirituality is.

In short, it’s the simple act of seeing everything and everyone as Spirit, as well as identifying with Spirit and nothing but Spirit. To understand this concept you might want to read the article I wrote about nondualism, it can be a real eye-opener for you.

That means there can really only be one spiritual calling for everyone, the same as for everyone else. And that is to identify with Spirit and to recognize the underlying identity as Spirit in everything and everyone you lay your eyes upon in this universe.

And it doesn’t matter what you do in your life, you can always fulfill this spiritual calling because it’s not something you do in the world. It’s something you do in your mind.

It’s a way of life, a change of perspective, and it will inevitably bring you inner peace.

How do I identify my calling?

Of course, when you read this it might resonate with you, but that doesn’t mean you truly feel that calling from within yourself and you still might ask yourself: “How do I know I have a spiritual calling?”. And how to find your spiritual calling?

It’s impossible for anyone to not have a spiritual calling, and it’s also impossible for anyone to have a different spiritual calling. The underlying reality of our existence is Oneness. Our source is the same; Spirit.

Deep within ourselves, we all know who and what we are. And we all want to go home, we all want to go back to where we come from. It’s inevitable and it’s already written in the stars for everyone when that will happen. But even though your destiny is fixed, you still need to make the decision to look beyond your fear and understand what it is you truly desire.

Most people will not have the courage to go that deep and will continue to play in this dualistic world, trying to find something they can dedicate their life to and make an impact on the world around them. For those of you who are lucky enough to find your vocation, it’s fantastic and it will make life much more pleasant.

In my life, I’ve been very blessed to have found several vocations. In the first part of my life, I was fully dedicated to my career as a volleyball player. And now, in the second phase of my life, I feel very fortunate to have found a passion for writing, creating content, and sharing everything I learned about personal development, and especially, love and true spirituality.

I learned everything I learned by going deep within myself. And slowly I came to see that our true spiritual calling cannot be something individual. It must be a shared purpose for all of us because we are united in one as Spirit.

So, if you truly want to identify your spiritual calling you can only do that by going deep within. Undoing every layer you have put yourself on top of your true essence. And as long as you do not recognize yourself and the world around you as Spirit, you will not be able to completely identify your spiritual calling.

How do you know God’s calling for your life?

Once you go so deep and you’ve undone so many layers you’re able to start identifying who you really are, you will inevitably see that you are one with Spirit, with God. God is that underlying Oneness we all carry in our memory.

But if God is Oneness it means there can only be one thing. It means everything that can be perceived as separate from that Oneness is an illusion. And it also means God does not recognize you as a human being. He only sees Oneness and he created us in His likeness, which can only mean we are the same as Him. United in that same Oneness.

If God only sees this Oneness then it cannot really be possible for Him to have a calling for your life. The calling from God for your life does not come from Him directly. He still sees you as one with Him. But the calling from God for your life comes from deep within yourself. From the memory of the truth, you will slowly uncover.

It’s a silent voice, a secret, buried within the core of everyone and everything in the universe. Those who have gone before us and have followed the guidance of this silent master within themselves have fulfilled their spiritual calling. They returned home, to the mind of God where all is one.

Everyone will eventually follow that same path. It’s something we cannot change. The only thing we can do is to take the decision to walk that path now.

If you are silent enough you’ll be able to feel that deep inner calling. We are all longing to be where we belong. Nothing has ever been able to satisfy the need for that feeling of belonging for an extended period.

True inner peace can only come once you’ve found the real purpose of your life. And once your heart has surrendered to the union with the love of God, you can rest and stop the search. Because you have found what you were looking for so long.

Accepting your spiritual calling

And after all the pain and suffering, all the layers you’ve undone. All the resistance you’ve had to overcome, both externally and internally, and all the little battles with the ego-mind, trying to keep its dualistic perception of the world intact. Here you are, with empty hands, and ready to accept your spiritual calling.

It’s difficult to accept a spiritual calling that undoes what you are. A calling that destroys your individuality and your entire perception of the world as you’ve gotten to know and understand it. A world that at the same time has never brought you true inner peace. And just a few moments of happiness here and there.

You will recognize the moment you are ready to accept your true spiritual calling. It will be the moment when there’s nothing left to gain in the dualistic world for you. You’ve not given up, but you’ve given in. You surrender and you have stopped to give a voice to the desperate need for separation.

Instead, you now can hear the silence from within. Silence with a message of love and union. it was always there, just waiting for you to be ready to accept it and embrace it.

Now you are here the choice is yours once more. Temptations will always arise, to try to find another more specific calling for yourself. But once you’ve seen who you really are, you’ll understand choosing anything but your true spiritual calling will only delay your inner peace, joy, and happiness.

Accepting your spiritual calling might be one of the hardest things to do because you will have to relinquish all your individual and special needs that used to satisfy your hunger for recognition in one way or another.

But you’ll know when you’re ready to open your arms and invite this new understanding of the world and of yourself, to fulfill your spiritual calling and find lasting inner peace and happiness.

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