Life after spiritual awakening

by Martijn
Life after spiritual awakening

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More and more people get into spirituality to improve their lives in one way or another. You can find countless articles and videos about the signs of spiritual awakening, the kundalini rising, and all kinds of other intangible things. But what do we practice spirituality for? What does it bring us? And does it add anything to our lives at all?

Life after spiritual awakening

So, what does life look like after a spiritual awaking? What are the changes in your life once you’ve gone through a spiritual awakening? And is it the same for everyone?

Life after spiritual awaking is very different from the life you had before you started your spiritual path. You have a different perspective on life. You see everyone and everything is connected, and your view of the universe has become holistic.

You feel different too. Much more at peace, in control, and independent of your external circumstances. You understand other people much better, and most of the time you know how to communicate with them effectively.

And your self-esteem is extremely high and cannot be altered by anything that happens to you or by what other people say or do to you.

Life after spiritual awakening is definitely better.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into the reasons why, so you too can recognize the effects of a spiritual awakening for yourself.

Understanding what a spiritual awakening is

Before you can determine whether you have undergone a spiritual awakening or not you first need to know what it actually is. Because most of the things that nowadays are considered to be related to spirituality are really nothing more than practices for personal development.

Meditation, yoga, silence retreats, chakra cleansing, and so many other things in themselves are great practices that can definitely help you to feel better. But they have nothing to do with spirituality.

Spirituality is a way of life. It’s how you perceive life and how you go about the things you do every day, and how that reflects on your behavior with other people.

Anything can be spiritual as long as you recognize Spirit in everything and everyone around you.

This is what true spirituality is. The conscious act of realizing and acknowledging the entire universe is united in one single Spirit. And that that is the only true reality that can exist. Making everything else an illusion in the mind.

So spiritual awakening can only occur once you have fully awakened to this new reality. And when you have no thoughts and beliefs that contradict this in any way.

This means almost nobody will manage to fully awaken spiritually in their current lifetime. Those who do become enlightened and will not return once they lay their body aside for the last time.

How a spiritual awakening changes you

So, in this episode, we’re going to look at the things that change for you once you’ve started your conscious path of spiritual awakening.

Life after spiritual awakening is not something that I can describe with words. I am not fully awake yet. But I have started my spiritual awakening quite a few years ago now. And I can share some very significant changes I have seen for myself after a few years of being on this path of Self-discovery.

1. You are extremely tolerant

The first thing I’ve noticed over the years is that I’ve become much more tolerant. This doesn’t mean I accept everything and that I let anything be done to me by other people. What it means is that most things hardly affect me in my mind. And I let myself be inspired to act or not to act, depending on the circumstances.

I don’t keep my thoughts occupied with things I don’t agree with and I don’t spend any energy on things that are not aligned with my values in life.

And I respect and accept other people’s actions and opinions. Even when they are completely opposed to the way I see it.

The reason you become much more tolerant is that you understand everything you don’t tolerate is a part of yourself that you reject. Not of yourself as a human being. But of your Self as Spirit.

2. You are friendly by default

For the same reason, I found myself to be much more friendly. I think what happens is that when you realize everything that happens in this world is a reflection of the fear to lose yourself, to lose your individuality, you slowly become aware of the reality. And that you cannot lose yourself, ever.

Most people by default are in defense mode. For many people, this is not something conscious. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true for them. But when you change your perspective on life, what it is and why everything happens as it does, you start to see there is no need to defend yourself.

And again, I’m talking about defense in your mind. It doesn’t mean you people who are on their path of spiritual awakening cannot defend themselves verbally or physically. Although in most situations it’s true that your behavior does reflect your defenseless state of mind.

You will even be friendly to people you don’t like, people who have betrayed you, or did you wrong in one way or another. Simply because you don’t feel hurt. You are Spirit, eternal and changeless. And nothing can change that. So why not be friendly?

3. You always feel sure and secure

This leads us to the fact that you will feel more sure and secure. Because you have started to identify more and more with Spirit. And you don’t care so much anymore about your body, your personality, and everything else that defined you as a human being.

It’s not that you don’t take care of yourself. In fact, you do, and probably much more than before. Because you’ve also become more tolerant and friendly with yourself. And you understand that while you are here, in your body, you will have a much more pleasant experience if you treat yourself well.

But you don’t care about your reputation so much anymore. How other people see you does not dictate your state of mind any longer.

And this is great. Because it gives you a sense of freedom you didn’t have before. It takes the pressure off of daily life. And it’s beautiful!

4. You are infinitely patient

The next thing you will notice is that you will become more patient. Impatience is a characteristic of someone who is not spiritually developed. Because impatience is always caused by a lack of something.

You are impatient to see someone because the other person is not with you yet. You are impatient for your birthday, or Christmas because you are eager to get the gifts you don’t yet have at this moment. The same way you are impatient to heal from an illness or to get out of an unfavorable situation.

However, when deep within you know you already have everything. And that any material, dualistic appearances are not real because there is no separation, in reality, you don’t even need to be patient anymore either. Because there is nothing to wait for when you already have everything, always.

5. You feel inner peace all the time

When you know nothing can harm you in any way. And you have nothing to prove, nothing to defend, nothing to earn. While at the same time you walk through life knowing you cannot lose anything. Inner peace will become more noticeable.

At first, you don’t notice it much. But there will come a time you look back and see how much you’ve changed in a relatively short period.

For me, it took about 3 to 4 years before I clearly noticed the changes. And now, after 5 years, I can say I’m not the same person anymore.

The way I feel about life, the way I react to other people, to being treated poorly, I’ve become so much more peaceful. And I’m talking about inner peace, of course. Because it’s one thing to behave peacefully, but a totally different thing to have a peaceful mind.

The final steps on earth after your spiritual awakening

For most of us, the path to enlightenment, which is true spiritual awakening, is a very long one. I know I still have a long way to go as well. And there will be many more things you will notice the further you get on your journey to spiritual awakening. You can find out more about other signs of spiritual maturity in another article I wrote some weeks ago.

But once you have become consistent in the way you perceive life on earth, and nothing can change your belief in Oneness, and it has become a habit to immediately let go of thoughts of separation, you will be much closer to your enlightenment.

You’ll turn into a beacon of light, still inhabiting a physical body. But not for too long. Because soon you will reunite with your true Self in eternity where you will continue to expand in eternal love forever.

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