by Martijn

Just months after asking God for unconditional love, I met the love of my life. The breakup was a life-transforming event that led me to discover true love and unlimited freedom. The lessons were not easy to learn and required me to question every single belief about life and love.

My transformation was remarkable, and in Dawn is in me I take you by the hand and show you in easy to understand words what I learned and how it brought me closer to a place of lasting inner peace, joy, and happiness.

If you have suffered one too many heartbreaks or find yourself to be a victim of your circumstances, more than you are willing to admit, you will find a treasure of information in this book that will not only explain why your life is as it is but also what you can do about it to change it through the practice of advanced forgiveness. When you put these teachings into practice, love becomes inevitable.

An Introduction to True Spirituality

Kickstart Your Journey Towards Inner Peace

Let me take you by the hand and introduce you to a new reality where you will inevitably find Love, Peace, and Purpose, as you reconnect with your Authentic Self.

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