The reason you have no motivation after spiritual awakening (and how to solve it!)

by Martijn
The reason you have no motivation after spiritual awakening (and how to solve it!)

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At first, the spiritual path seems to be amazing, you learn so many new things, you start to understand more of the world and the people around you, and life seems to be getting better and better. But then there’s this moment you start to have doubts. You can’t go back anymore, because you know too much. But if you’re completely sincere, sometimes you wish you could go back and be completely oblivious to the reality of the spiritual awakening.

It happens to so many people after being on a spiritual journey for some time. The motivation for life seems to be gone. Your old objectives don’t fulfill you anymore, but you’re not sure what goals you want to set for yourself now.

It’s a very difficult period for everyone walking this path. But, fortunately, there is a way out. In this article, you will learn how to move on and use your spiritual growth to your advantage and regain motivation from deep within.

The reason you have no motivation after spiritual awakening

You have no motivation after spiritual awakening because you still need to go through a transition phase. You know too much to go back to the “old you”, but your habits and objectives in life are not yet aligned with the “new you”.

These are times of conflict because one part of you wishes you never opened that door to true spirituality. You wished you could continue as before, keep the same friends, and be happy and excited about the things that used to motivate you.

But the truth is, they don’t motivate you. When you are around your old friends you feel out of place, and you feel lost and sad more often than not.

Spiritual awakening ruined my life

I really thought my spiritual awakening ruined my life. Fortunately soon I found out that this happens to many people who go through a spiritual awakening. And, let’s be honest, even if it feels like you would want to go back to your life before your spiritual rebirth, you really don’t want to.

So, the only thing you can do is to move forward, continue to learn and grow, and find peace with your new situation in life. This period can take a very long time. From a few months to several years. In the end, it’s up to you what you decide to do in this time to go through the pain and suffering that comes with the transition to a life based on true spirituality.

Feeling lost after spiritual awakening

It’s normal to feel lost when you’re going through this phase. You feel misunderstood, your old friends don’t seem to understand you and you grow apart rather quickly. And making new friends feels almost impossible.

Also within your family you might feel like an outlier. It feels like an enormous effort to join family gatherings and participate in trivial conversations. You’d rather be alone, spend time in nature, or at home reading a book related to personal development or spirituality.

This is all part of the transition. The longer you try to resist it, the more you will suffer. It’s time to take the loss, accept the change, and move on. Further down the road, you’ll understand this was just a phase you had to go through and you might even have the possibility to revive old relationships with friends and family.

Spiritual awakening and losing interest

As you go through the transition while you’re mentally lining up with your spiritual growth you’ll have to deal with a lot of changes. One of the most significant changes is that you will lose interest in many things that were important to you not so long ago.

It’s important to understand what is happening here. It’s not so much that your likes and dislikes change. You just are more consciously aware of what your priorities are.

You can compare it with a bucket full of dirt. When you start pouring water into the bucket it will slowly clean up the dirt. You are the bucket. And your spiritual growth is the water. The water simply helps to get rid of all the unimportant stuff and helps you to find clarity.

This can feel as if you were losing interest at first. But the reality is that you never were interested in those things anyway. You just thought you were.

How to regain motivation on your spiritual path

This phase of spiritual growth can be very painful, confusing, and demotivating. But you already know you can’t go back anymore. You can’t undo what you learned about yourself, your true identity, and life itself.

There is just one way out of this. And that is moving forward, doubling down on your spiritual growth, and dedication to your inner peace.

Here are some things that can help you to do this more easily.

1. Clear your mind

Your mind is full of contradicting thoughts and beliefs at the moment. So, it’s obvious to see that your mind is not a good place to be when you are in this state.

Clarity of mind comes with silence. Not physical silence from your external world, although it can help. But as long as your mind is not silent, you won’t clear your mind.

You clear your mind simply by observing your thoughts. Actively observe your thoughts and make sure to not interact with them. They are none of your business. You are just there for inner peace and what is disturbing that inner peace is not the thoughts in themselves. It’s the interaction with those thoughts that disrupt the peace.

Always remember, inner peace is always there. It’s what you do on top of it that makes it disappear.

2. Redefine your objectives in life

The true spiritual path will lead you through a process of detachment that can be extremely painful at times. Especially in this transformation you’re going through. And while you’re still going back and forth from one end to another you still feel attached to certain goals you had in life.

You can think of career goals, a certain salary you want to earn, a certain role or status you’d like to obtain. Or more material goals like a house or a car.

You’ll feel that, although still attractive, this won’t satisfy you anymore. Because now you long for more intangible things like freedom, inner peace, and simply being happy.

So, change your objectives, and do it consciously in your mind. Often you will find if you start chasing these new goals, your previous objectives all of a sudden will become much easier to attain.

3. See the world from a different perspective

And when you’ve changed your objectives, you’ll be able to see the world from a different perspective too.

You’ll recognize inner peace can only be achieved when you’re being non-judgmental.

Remember the bucket full of dirt? At first, when it’s full of dirt and you just start pouring in the water, you won’t see any difference if you add some dirt again. But imagine what would happen if your bucket is full of pure water. Would you notice a little bit of dirt?

Of course, you would. This means you’ll become much more aware of what you put into your bucket, or into your mind. Judgment is the dirt of the mind. And the only way you cannot judge is to see the underlying Oneness in everything you lay your eyes upon in this universe.

4. Identify with Spirit

This new perspective eventually brings you to an entirely different understanding of who you are. You’ve now reached the purest form of spirituality, true spirituality. You now believe and understand you are so much more than a body, and even than a soul. You are Spirit.

The Spirit that resides deep within you, and everyone else at the same time. This is the source everyone is talking about. And you are it.

It’s not easy to truly identify yourself with the eternal Spirit you carry with you from even before you were born. But you will see that the moments you manage to identify with and as Spirit, there is nothing like it. And it will blow every other worldly experience away.

5. Realize you’re not from here, but be here

The deeper you go, the more you’ll realize you are not from this world. You appear to live here, in a body, with your family and friends, your personality, your talents, and peculiar habits that make you you.

But you’ll recognize that is just a disguise. It’s not who you really are. Spirit is intangible, it’s invisible, changeless, and eternal. And that what is changeless and eternal cannot be from a world of time and space.

So, you must be from somewhere else. A place that is not a place, that cannot be named or explained. But you know that is your home.

However, you still have the experience of being here in the body. So use this experience to the fullest. Know you are safe at home in eternity. But be here, now, in the moment, and undergo life until this experience merges with your eternal presence completely.

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