The unsuspected spiritual way to get back with an old love

by Martijn
The spiritual way to get back with an old love

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The internet is full of tips, tricks, and advice on how to get back with an old love and what to do to make that happen. Often these tips are the good old “letting go of the past”, and “forgive your ex” kind of things.

But, let’s be real. Most of that advice is actually focused on how to heal yourself. It usually does not actively involve your old love. It’s just “work on yourself and eventually, you’ll get over it.”

Now, what if you’ve already done all of that? You already are doing well on your own, you have healed your broken heart, and you really would like to meet someone new again. But your ex still appears in your dreams. You get signs from the universe he or she is still around. And you still feel deep love for your old flame.

If that is you, you might want to try the spiritual way to get back with an old love.

The spiritual way to get back with an old love

To understand what getting back with an old love in a spiritual way actually means you first need to understand what spirituality is.

Spirituality is nothing more than recognizing you and everyone around you is Spirit. And that we are all united as one in Spirit.

Knowing this, it becomes clear that getting back with an ex the spiritual way is done in the mind. If you do it well, it will make all the other steps of self-healing obsolete. Because it includes everything. Even a possible return of that old love in your physical reality.

Let’s explore a bit more in-depth how that is possible and how and what to think to achieve the spiritual union with your old love.

See the world for what it is and understand how your ex is a part of it

When you start to understand true spirituality you realize the entire world is an illusion. You come to see that none of what you believed to be physical is actually really there.

Your brain tells you to feel the touch of the material world. But your brain is also part of the projection from your mind that makes the world appear to be real. Separating your brain from your mind is something that most people will find difficult to understand.

But once you get the concept it’s quite simple to see how it’s true and the world will start to make more sense to you.

Your old love is nothing but a projection from your mind. So, once you dominate your mind completely, you will have total control over the world you appear to be living in. And your ex is part of that world.

Two belief systems cannot live together, one must go

But to think that once you are able to control the world you live in you can simply decide to get back with your old love is a bit too simplistic.

Because the desire you have right now to reunite with your ex comes from a belief system based on the egoistic and dualistic self you adopted a long time ago. And this belief system cannot co-exist with the belief system of true spirituality. Which is the one of Oneness and nondualism.

These belief systems cannot exist at the same time in your mind. So, you will have quite a long period in which you will go back and forth between the two. But where now the dualistic approach is governing your thoughts and feelings, if practiced long and consistent enough, you will be able to start to operate more and more from a non-dualistic mindset.

The question here is. Once you look at the world through the eyes of Oneness, would you still have the desire to be with your ex? Or would there be no desire at all? And would your look at the world and your life in particular from a more holistic point of view? One where what you do is to benefit the spiritual awakening of the world and not your personal advantage?

I hope you’re starting to see where I’m pointing at. Once you’ve accomplished getting back with your love in your mind, what else is there to wish for?

What will you feel once you reunite spiritually?

It would be way too pretentious to confirm I have achieved this unified look at the world. But after years of daily practice, I have become quite consistent at it and I have gotten glimpses of what it will feel like once we reach this permanent state of peace in our minds.

Let me try to give you an overview of the 7 very clear feelings I have experienced in those brief moments of bliss.

1. True unconditional love

It’s hard to describe true unconditional love in words. In the end, words are already putting a condition to that what you’re trying to describe. But, unconditional love is definitely something that can clearly be felt in moments of Oneness.

It brings complete peace of mind because there is nothing and nobody that is not loved. There is no space for hatred or remorse. Forgiveness is unnecessary because there is nothing to forgive.

Love is not restricted to that one special person and to a few friends and family members. It involves the entire world you see, people you have not met and will never meet. And people you whole-heartedly hated before.

Your love for the world encompasses everything, nothing can escape from it. Not because you try to keep it enclosed in your love. But because your love expands to wherever the world reaches.

This love is truly unconditional and shines through everything you say and do in those moments. Being fair, honest, and compassionate, even when others do not understand what you are doing.

2. Detachment

The second feeling in those moments of Oneness is one of detachment. It’s something widely misunderstood and often it’s given a wrong meaning.

Many people believe detachment is synonymous with not caring anymore for that what you’ve detached from. While in reality, exactly the opposite is true.

Detachment in this sense means detaching your happiness and well-being from the subject of your attachment. And what happens when you stop thinking about your own happiness and well-being? Exactly, you are able to truly care for the other person and think about their needs and desires. Not before your own, but regardless of your own.

When your own agenda is not constantly at the forefront of your thoughts and actions you will come across as more genuine and will be able to make better decisions that will benefit yourself and everyone around you.

3. Presence

And when you don’t have an agenda to attend to you automatically are present in time and being. You will feel completely immersed in the moment, absorbed by what you are doing and whom you are interacting with.

It’s a glorious feeling that most of you surely have experienced while doing something you love. The difference here now is that you don’t necessarily have to love what you’re doing.

You just surrender to the moment and let every word and action flow naturally. You act and move with grace, even in moments when you make mistakes. Although you will hardly make any in those moments of pure presence.

When I was a professional volleyball player I experienced moments of pure presence very often. Especially in my early days. But later in my career when my confidence was down and my thoughts interrupted those moments of presence it was immediately noticeable in my level. And I never managed to get back to the level that got me to the Olympic games.

So, it’s safe to say that presence in the moment makes you clearly outperform any other state in which you might encounter yourself thinking about your next steps or the ones you just made a few moments ago.

4. True empathy

The fourth thing you will experience in moments you manage to spiritually unite with the world around you is true empathy.

Empathy in the world we know usually is the result of a misplaced desire of oneself. But true empathy doesn’t take into account what your needs and wishes are. It’s an obvious result of feeling unconditional love, detachment, and being present.

Whenever you’re in this state of mind you’ll intuitively know what to do and say in any given situation. For example, where fake empathy usually embellishes the situation to not hurt someone else’s feelings, true empathy will guide you to fair treatment with compassion but also clarity in your message.

This gives you the unique ability to tell someone the truth while still coming across as friendly, supporting, and loving.

5. Acceptance

The next natural feeling to have when you manage to see the world in a spiritual way is acceptance.

This is extremely important to have an inner peace that can last a bit longer than just these brief moments of bliss. You embrace your past and let go of the feelings that keep you attached to it.

It’s easy to make the mistake to say that letting go of your ex includes letting go of the love you feel for him or her. But what you will need to let go of is not love. It’s the attachment of your happiness and well-being to the love you feel for him or her.

Human beings are so conditioned to believe that love comes with attachments. But when you learn to accept the moment for what it is and see the world from a spiritual and unified perspective love is everywhere.

Acceptance of the past and present breaks you free so you can experience something new without restrictions in your mind.

6. Life

And what happens when you feel free? You feel alive. Open and excited for every moment to come. Expectations are gone. You fully surrender to life, just the way it comes.

Because you know that where you really are is in Spirit. The fear is gone, you don’t think about things you might lose or things you’ll need to do tomorrow. You simply are and experience the moment as it is. Right there and then.

It’s not easy to merge your dualistic life in the material world, where you have obligations and needs, with the state of eternal life that happens within you right now. But as long as you keep in mind what true life is and that it’s something that goes way beyond your body and your existence as a human being in that body, you will be able to experience life whenever you’re open to it.

7. Joy

And that brings us to the last clear sign that you’re experiencing a glimpse of true spiritual awakening; joy.

Joy is the inevitable effect on your state of mind when you see the world for what it really is.

When you realize that all of the points I previously mentioned have absolutely nothing to do with the external circumstances of your life, it must also be pretty simple to understand that how you feel and perceive the world comes from within.

Your experience is determined by you, not by what happens to you. So, as long as you are not capable of changing what is happening to you, you still have the power to change your mind about what is happening to you.

And then, when finally you are able to change the world around you, you will not see the need to do it. Because you have already mastered not only your brain but also your mind.

And when you have mastered your mind joy and happiness are permanent. But until then, we need to learn to enjoy these moments of spiritual awareness and enable ourselves to extend them for as long we can.

The perfect moment for your old love to return

And when you’ve become aware of your spiritual nature and you made it a way of living and a daily habit in your approach to life on earth you’ve created the perfect moment in time for your old love to return.

That doesn’t mean that he or she will come back to you. It only means that whenever they come back you’re ready to make it a success.

You are already joined with your old love in your mind, you feel unconditional love. You’re not attached to anything, you learned how to be present in the moment, with true empathy and acceptance. And you’ve understood how to experience life and joy within yourself, regardless of what is happening around you.

Your old love will be like the cherry on top of your spiritual cake. But never forget that the recipe for your cake was made out of all cherries that surround you every single day.

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