The Truth About Healing Your Inner Child

by Martijn
The Truth About Healing Your Inner Child

What you will find in this article

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I hope you’re all ready for today’s article because it will probably be a bit controversial. But, I’m sure it will also clarify a lot of things for many of you. Today, we’re talking about the truth of healing your inner child.

By the end of this article, you will fully understand how your inner child can help you to heal things you’re struggling with in your life today. You’ll learn about the purpose of inner child therapy, how to use quantum healing in your inner child work, the missing piece that prevents you from healing fully, and what to do instead to get much better results. So, let’s dive straight into it so you can apply it in your life to be happier and have more inner peace on a regular basis.

The Purpose of Inner Child Work or Healing

According to Wikipedia, in popular psychology and analytical psychology, the inner child is an individual’s childlike aspect. It includes what a person learned as a child, before puberty. The inner child is often conceived as a semi-independent subpersonality subordinate to the waking conscious mind.

This is really important to understand. Because, if you’ve ever done any inner child work before, you’ll know that most often the psychologist, therapist, or coach will have you approach your inner child as if it were a separate being from yourself, representing a younger version of yourself that still has conscious access to certain experiences, emotions, and feelings.

The goal is then to recognize, acknowledge, accept, and consequently integrate and heal whatever comes up for you.

This type of inner child work can be very powerful but it’s also the reason why it often doesn’t work for everyone.

Inner child therapy can be extremely useful to uncover hidden beliefs and root causes of unhealed traumas you never knew when or where they originated. It can be incredibly precise by reliving the experiences from a first-person perspective, impersonating yourself as the child you were when you were younger. So, it can be a very powerful way to access your unconscious mind and get a deeper understanding of “the why” of certain beliefs, behaviors, and emotions you have come to accept as your own as you’ve gotten older.

Quantum Healing to Liberate Your Inner Child

It’s a great way to work with your unconscious mind and learn more about yourself. But one thing is finding the root cause of your beliefs and traumas, a totally other thing is to heal them. And this is where many people get disappointed with the inner child work because their psychologist, therapist, or coach made them believe that, by addressing their inner child and reenacting the event that created the trauma or belief on behalf of their inner child, and changing the outcome of that event, healing will take place automatically.

But for many, this is not the case. And, although it might give you some relief at first, true healing does not take place. Obviously, this keeps you going in circles.

Now, why does healing happen for some? This is because of, as I call it, quantum healing. It’s a known fact that in quantum physics a mass of matter can be manipulated through the stimulation of another energetically connected mass of matter separated by thousands of kilometers in space and time.

The same thing happens when trying to heal your inner child. It all comes down to how much you really identify with that inner child. Because your inner child does not really exist in you right now. To use quantum healing in this situation you either need to go back in time and change the beliefs and experiences of your younger version so you simultaneously heal the current version of yourself. Or, you need to heal your mind in the now, so it automatically releases your inner child in the past.

This will only work if you truly believe it. The mind is extremely powerful, but at the same time, it is only as powerful as you believe it to be. And the truth is that most people don’t believe they have the power to truly identify and see themselves as that inner child in the past. Instead, they try to heal their inner child by addressing it as a separate being, which can never work because it will not heal your mind in the here and now.

The Missing Piece in Inner Child Therapy That Blocks Your Healing

And this is the missing piece for most people doing inner child therapy. They use their unconscious memories of their childhood to bring their hidden beliefs and traumas to the surface but forget to do the work in their mind, here and now, to integrate, accept, and heal it.

I see it happen all the time, people work with their inner child, discover the root cause of their suffering and the “why” of their beliefs, and then continue to suffer from anxiety, depression, unfounded fears, and sometimes even adopt a victim attitude, claiming their suffering is because of what happened to them when they were a child. Without taking full responsibility for it.

The Best Way to Use Your Inner Child For Healing

Based on my personal experience and those of many other people I’ve spoken to over the years, by far the best way to use your inner child is to find the root cause of what you are struggling with today. And then bring that knowledge to the present where you can do the work to heal it and decrease your suffering.

There are three ways to heal through your inner child.

Quantum Healing

The first one is via quantum healing as I explained before. This method is most commonly used by psychologists, therapists, and coaches but rarely has the desired outcome and leaves so many people disappointed and frustrated, wondering why they continue to struggle with the same problems as before.

Spontaneous Healing

The second one is somewhat of a spontaneous and rational way to heal, Simply by uncovering the root of certain beliefs, behaviors, and habits you created as a child, you clearly come to see and realize, from your current perspective on life as an adult, they don’t serve you anymore right now, and you’re able to instantly drop them. Purely based on a rational and intelligent way of thinking. It can happen this way but it’s not very common.

Conscious Healing

And the third and by far the best and most appropriate way to use your inner child for healing is to uncover and find the source of the issue through inner child work, accessing your unconscious beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, understanding them, and then bringing that knowledge back to the present and start working with them so you can slowly change these beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that are now in your conscious awareness.

Unfortunately, for most, changing life-long beliefs, thoughts, and habits is not as easy as many people make you believe. Soon I will make an article dedicated to that topic. So, make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already, and if you can’t wait for that article to be published, you can also have a look at the rest of my blog to find out about the available coaching sessions or to pick up a copy of my book.

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