The World Needs You (Finding Purpose When all Inspiration is Lost)

by Martijn
The World Needs You (Finding Purpose When all Inspiration is Lost)

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It’s been a few weeks since I published an episode. I really meant to publish way sooner but I’ve been working on a few other things which made it a bit more complicated. The content I create really must come from the heart, otherwise, I am just not able to create. And, although I have several topics coming up. I had to address something else first, but I didn’t know how to do it. And now, after 3 weeks of not publishing anything, I felt I just needed to sit down and write.

You see, as the channel is gaining traction and more and more people subscribe and watch videos, both on the Spanish and English channels, it’s also getting busier with coaching sessions. I’m also getting more and more messages in my inbox from subscribers and readers, I read through the comments on the videos. And one thing is becoming so clear to me; the entire world is in pain and human suffering is higher than it’s ever been.

Lack of Self-awareness and an Intoxicated Mind

People are desperate. Modern society has created a hidden mental disease. The combination of a lack of self-awareness and extreme intoxication by social and normal media has created a human being that is completely focused on external circumstances. Even when people appear to be on a so-called spiritual path, external conditioning is tremendous and the spiritual communities are infected by it too.

When was the last time you genuinely took the time to feel? To feel yourself?

Just to feel yourself. No phones, no photos, no comparisons, no references, just you and your feelings.

For most of you, it takes quite a long time to feel beyond the thousands of thoughts and impressions the external world has imposed onto your brain. But once you do, you instantly break down in tears.

The pressure, the expectations, the unrealistic standards, the confusing propaganda… what else do you expect to happen?

Instead of looking within, you look at yourself. And by looking at yourself you miss out on the opportunity for true growth. Because you don’t see yourself as you are. You only see that what you believe to be after the external world has left its disconcerting impression on you. This way, you only don’t see yourself but also are blinded to see your external environment as it really is.

Self-absorption Created a Disconnected World

But when you start to feel from within, all of that fades away. You become less important but more beautiful at the same time. Less visible but more confident, less influenced and more authentic, less egocentric and more compassionate. You’ve been so focused on yourself. What do I have to do to achieve this, to get that, to feel like this…? Chasing things that don’t bring anything but false solutions.

Just feel. Truly feel. Don’t feel how you are, who you are, what you are, or where you are, just feel that you are.

The world is sick and it’s caused by self-absorption. It’s time to let go of the importance of you. It’s ironic, you’ve been working so hard to try to find yourself. And only when you loosen the grip on the identity you created for yourself you will be able to find yourself. And once you do, you come to understand that you are not that important. You don’t need yourself as much as you believe you do.

Finding Purpose in The World

But there is a world out there that needs you. Open your eyes. And see the world is crying for help. You can be that one person with the phone in your pocket and a smile on your face. That smile that has the potential to save a life. A lending hand to help someone cross the street. A genuine “How are you, are you ok?”. A sincere hug in a fake world where ordinary people pose like some sort of superstar, thirsty for attention. The attention they have deprived themselves of giving to their true Self.

Look up and don’t just watch, see. Don’t just hear, listen. Don’t just speak, have a conversation.

So many people reach out to me saying they are lost in life, lost motivation, and don’t know their purpose. But, honestly, it’s not that difficult to find meaning in life.

We find ourselves by looking within, in the silence and depths of our being. But the meaning of anything in life, just like life itself as well, is given by us. And to find purpose we’re all so absorbed by ourselves, so obsessed with being independent and strong, being valued and respected by others. And by trying to achieve all of that, we disrespect ourselves.

Finding meaning in life is very easy. Just look around you, and forget about your own suffering, it’s not who you are, it’s not what you are, and it’s not a part of you. Look around you, and see how lost and desperate people are. They need you.

At some point, life only has real meaning when you find meaning in others. You see, we’re all connected. We’re all a tiny little piece of unity, a singularity, we are one in Spirit. Understanding this makes it so much easier to understand that seeking our individual happiness and peace will never truly satisfy us. Maybe for a while, maybe even for a lifetime. But deep down inside true meaning and satisfaction can only be found when shared. We are One. Not sharing with others is depriving ourselves of having it all and experiencing it all.

And I understand, not everybody has enough knowledge about or skills at something to be able to share that with the world. But everybody has love. You have a beautiful smile, you have beautiful words of encouragement, a supporting tap on the back, and a comforting hug for someone in need. We’re so afraid to give, so afraid to share, to demonstrate, to stand out, to be authentic, to love… so afraid. Afraid of being hurt for whatever reason.

And all we do is hurting ourselves.

You Can Help to Shape The World

It’s the authentic people that shape this world, that are admired, valued, and respected. And yet, the world is filled with people trying to copy those who are original, those who are themselves.

So, for all of you out there suffering, hurting, confused, desperate, angry, or sad… change your perspective. Stop expecting the world or the universe to owe you something, stop looking at yourself and how to act and react in the external world to provide you with what you desire, with what you believe will make you happy. Because it won’t.

Dive deep within. Take responsibility for who you are and where you are in life. Own who you are, pave your own path, and understand that only once you share your path with the world do you have a chance to be truly happy and feel inner peace at all times, regardless of the circumstances.

There are countless ways you can start sharing your authentic self with the world around you. I will take about that in another episode. For now, I encourage you to start with a smile and see how it will be multiplied over and over and over again.

If you are struggling in life, don’t know how to stop looking at yourself, and instead start looking within yourself to uncover your authentic self and ignite your inner motivation and inspiration, I can help you with that. Together we can get you started and I absolutely love walking this path beside people just like you and seeing how you flourish and change your perspective in no time. You can find out more about the different options on my website, and of course, you find the link in the description.

Now, go share your smile with the world. The world needs you.

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