True Spiritual Love Will Change Your Life (This is How!)

by Martijn
True Spiritual Love Will Change Your Life (This is How!)

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So many of you are suffering because of love. And you have started a spiritual path because of it. But, this spiritual path is very confusing, and there are a lot of sources and resources out there that only make it more confusing. They want to make you believe that a special love, a human or soul love, is spiritual. And that pursuing this type of special love is one of the highest purposes you can have. Some even go as far as saying that only once you achieve physical union with that special love, you’ll be ready to complete your cycle of reincarnations as a soul, and not come back again in a human body.

This belief has kept so many of you going around in circles, keeping your life on hold, and coming back to the same obstacles over and over again. If you are watching or listening to this episode, let this be a sign for you to pay attention. It’s time to end the suffering, to break the circle.

Three Types of Love; Human Love, Soul Love, and Spiritual Love

Before we go into how to do this, you need to know and understand the difference between these three types of love.

Human Love

We all know about human love. It’s directed at, and caused by, one specific individual or possibly a group of people. Human love has a beginning and an end. It’s inspired by external factors such as how that person looks, how they move, how they talk, how they behave, their specific circumstances in life, how they treat you, the history you share in this lifetime, and a long list of etceteras.

It comes down to this; there’s always an external factor as the main cause of you loving the other person.

This type of love makes people suffer the most because it’s the most common type of love. However, for most, a breakup with someone you only shared human love with is fairly easy and quick to overcome.

Soul Love

Then we have what I call soul love. This is still a special love, it makes another soul special, above any other soul. This type of love is a deeper kind of love because it spans more than one lifetime. There is this inner knowing that you’ve known each other forever, and often both will say things like: “It feels like I’ve known you my entire life.” or “We must’ve met in a past life.”

People who share a soul love are usually called soulmates or twin flames. They are not the same, but both fall in this category of soul love.

Many people want to make this a spiritual experience. And I understand why. Souls are intangible, they are closer to the true spiritual realm and a breakup with a soul love is often much harder to recover from.

Still, there’s always an external factor that can be found as the cause of this love. It might be more intangible but it’s still inspired by something you perceive to be outside of yourself.

Spiritual Love

And then we have spiritual love. I imagine this is how God loves. With no distinctions, no separations. Spiritual love is not bound to anything or anyone specific, it’s limitless, it’s inexhaustible and never-ending, it has no external reason to exist, it just is, and it comes from within.

It’s difficult to explain to people what it feels like. I certainly don’t feel it all the time. But the times I do, it’s just pure bliss. It’s this feeling of expansion in my heart and chest and it simply embraces everything as far and as long as my human perception lets me go.

Many of you have experienced it, probably unconsciously. But it’s a feeling you can never forget. It’s bliss, it’s eternal inner peace, it’s a never-ending joy. So beautiful it can move you to tears. And, of course, spiritual love can never be the source of suffering.

The Essence of Spiritual Love

The main difference between a special type of love, like human and soul love, and spiritual love is freedom. Special love is limiting, always creates some sort of attachment, and always ends with suffering. Whether caused by unanswered feelings of love, a breakup, or death, suffering will eventually show its face. This is normal and should never be avoided.

Spiritual love doesn’t know to suffer. Wherever there is spiritual love, there will be peace, joy, and bliss. Always.

This is genuine freedom, free from all your external circumstances. It doesn’t mean you won’t experience pain anymore. But the pain has lost its meaning. And pain without meaning doesn’t hurt.

This type of love just makes you want to spread your arms, breathe in that freedom, and share it with the world.

How to Balance the 3 Types of Love 

In another article, I will talk about how to introduce spiritual love into your life and how to start practicing and applying it. It would be too long to go over that now, but the key to a happy and fulfilling life is finding the balance between these 3 types of love.

Even for the most spiritually advanced among us, it would be very pretentious to believe that you’re only practicing spiritual love. As a human beings, we all have our likes and dislikes and we develop some sort of love for and attachment to things and people we like more than others.

And that’s a good thing, otherwise, our human experience would become a bit bland. If we would love everything and everyone the same, life would become dull and uninspired. The secret is in understanding spiritual love and how and when to apply it in your daily life. It’s not useful to decide who you want to date, or what you want to eat. But it’s invaluable when, somehow, you lose what you like and love most in life.

Spiritual love should only be practiced within. That’s where it’s always been, and that’s where it will always be. Then, from that inner practice of spiritual love, you will cultivate a state of inner peace and calm that will be very difficult to break. And that will inevitably help you navigate your life in the material world more deliberately, freely, and inspiringly.

So, spiritual love is something that happens in your mind and comes to its full expression in your external world through more inner peace, empathetic thoughts, and actions towards others and yourself. It gives you the freedom to believe and choose what you want in life and allows you to experience life in a more meaningful way.

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