Twin flame and spiritual awakening. A union for eternity

by Martijn
Twin flame and spiritual awakening. A union for eternity

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So, you’ve been on your twin flame journey for a while now. You start to believe that everything you saw and read about the divine masculine and feminine is a load of rubbish. And you’re tired of the same old vicious circle that keeps you trapped, going from one weekly twin flame reading to another. There must be something else? Something that actually makes sense?

Twin flame and spiritual awakening

The twin flame and spiritual awakening are a union made for eternity. Having a twin flame inevitably forces you to take your first steps towards your spiritual awakening because you simply cannot heal the pain and suffering that come with it in any other way.

And I don’t mean the superficial wannabe spirituality, filled with new age practices to lift your vibration, that in the end doesn’t lead you anywhere. I’m talking about true spirituality. The path within, that takes you to recognize yourself and the entire universe as Spirit.

It’s said that the twin flame relationship is all about union and becoming one with your twin flame. This is not meant to be understood literally, nor is it exclusive to just your twin flame. Your twin flame is just the trigger to start to see the world for what it really is; an illusion.

It’s very tempting to make the twin flame journey special. After all, you met the man or woman of your life, and the connection is like you’ve never experienced before. Even after being apart for a very long time, that connection is still there. It doesn’t change, it doesn’t diminish in strength, and it continues to reveal itself in many different ways in your life.

And no matter what you do and who you meet, you know that there will never be anything like your twin flame.

To overcome that loss and transform that specialness into true unconditional love, the only thing that will truly help you to find inner peace and happiness again is your spiritual awakening.

Can your twin flame cause a spiritual awakening?

Your twin flame is your wake-up call. Not only can your twin flame cause a spiritual awakening. It has to, in order to serve its purpose.

You must forget about everything you’ve been told. The purpose of you and your twin flame is not to make the world a better place and to vibrate off of the earth together while basking in each other’s company. It’s not to become one with your twin flame either. Those are all stories based on the ego’s dream.

Your twin flame journey will only serve you when you realize that Oneness is not achieved when you unite with your twin flame. The moment you believe you reached that unity, how will that serve your spiritual awakening? When you are still perceiving the separation from everyone else?

If you want to follow the path of true spiritual awakening, you must understand that it’s something that occurs in your mind. You don’t awake because you physically unite with your twin flame. You awake because you see Oneness everywhere and your perception of the universe has changed to a more holistic one.

And you understand the world is just a product of your imagination, to escape from the love you so desperately want from your twin flame. This journey is your chance to rediscover that love deep within yourself. Where it has always been, waiting for you to complete your mission that was established at the beginning of time.

How do you know if your twin flame is awakened?

Even when you have become aware of the real purpose of this twin flame journey, that doesn’t mean you stop wanting to physically be with your twin flame. For me it’s now been almost five years ago she disappeared from my life. But I still think of her every day. And the days I don’t, usually, something happens that reminds me of her.

She still appears in my dreams every now and then. And often I can simply feel her energy penetrating my entire being. I could be fully absorbed by a certain task at work, and still, that feeling just stops me in my tracks and forces me to immediately recognize her presence.

Many times I wonder what her path has been like in all these years. Is she going through the same things I’m going through? Has she also embraced this spiritual awakening?

Although I’d love to tell you that I’m sure she has, the truth is, I don’t know. But, what I do know is that she doesn’t need to be awakened for me to be able to unite with her. Because Oneness is not something physical. It’s something you achieve in your mind, by changing your perception and recognizing Spirit everywhere you go and everywhere you look.

And once you are fully awake, your twin flame will be there with you. That’s an inevitable fact. And it’s true for everyone who decides to walk the true spiritual path until the end.

How do you spiritually connect with your twin flame?

At the beginning of my journey, I wanted nothing more than to feel that connection with her. I knew it wasn’t possible to be with her physically.

She had left me and I did everything I could to respect that decision. Even though she never really explained the reason, and I was left with tons of unanswered questions, I managed to respect the distance and we have been in contact very few times in these years.

So, to somehow keep that connection alive, I tried to mentally and spiritually connect with her. After some time practicing, I did achieve some results. But those moments of connection never brought the satisfaction I was looking for.

The reason why is very obvious when I look back. Love is free. Trying to establish a connection involuntarily is not.

And finally, after some years I finally surrendered to the very simple truth. I did not have to create the connection with her at all. That connection is always there, it was always there, and will always be there, forever.

That means that I am experiencing that connection at all times. And when I’m not feeling it and not being aware of it, it means somehow, something is blocking that connection from my perception.

And if the connection is always there it becomes much easier to understand that, if you want to feel that connection with your twin flame, you need to allow yourself to feel it. You need to undo everything that prevents you from experiencing that eternal connection.

Are both twin flames spiritual?

Once you undo all the layers under which you buried that connection, you will see not only will you unite with your twin flame. You will unite with the entire universe. Embracing the underlying Oneness and your essence as Spirit.

When you come to this point on your path towards spiritual awakening you will understand the futility of questions that were born out of a dualistic necessity. You’ll still want to physically be with your twin flame. But you’ve finally learned the difference between wanting and needing.

This is when you’ll know that your twin flame is spiritual. And not only your twin flame is spiritual, but the entire world is.

It doesn’t matter whether they are consciously walking the path to enlightenment or not. In reality, everyone is on the same journey.

We cross our paths in different stages. Sometimes these stages are compatible, often they are not. And learning to go separate ways while being deeply in love, and remaining with the same changeless feelings for the rest of your life, is the toughest lesson you’ll ever need to learn.

But it will all be worth it when you open your eyes. Specialness and specific needs will not be part of your daily struggles anymore. Unconditional love and Oneness will dominate your days. And you’ll be able to walk that path, hand in hand, with your twin flame. And who knows? You might even get the opportunity to do it physically.

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