Twin flames explained | What I learned on my journey

by Martijn
Twin flames explained

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On December 11th of 2017, I published a video called “My twin flame love story” on my old channel. Many things have happened since then. I deleted my channel and dedicated many years to my growth and spiritual awakening. Now I learned so much and I feel it’s time to share with you what I’ve learned so you won’t make the same mistakes as I did. And so that you’ll be capable of walking your twin flame journey quicker and with less suffering than I did.

There is a lot of talking going on and there are a lot of misunderstandings about twin flames, what they are, and what their journey is for. And it all can be very confusing for someone who is just starting this path. So, let’s get straight to the point and explain what twin flames are. It’s quite simple, a twin flame is the soul that was chosen on a romantic level to ignite your spiritual awakening (read more here about the twin flame and spiritual awakening).

What are twin flames?

Many theories are being shared online about what twin flames are and how they came to be. It’s been said that they are the same soul, split into two and reincarnated into different bodies. Many other theories are telling more or less similar things. In all these years that I studied this topic, and deepened my spiritual practice, I’ve come to a very simple and clear conclusion. And that is that twin flames originally all came from the same source. Just like the entire world, not only humanity, the entire universe.

We all came from the same source. What in science is called the Big Bang, in spirituality, true spirituality, is called the thought of separation. It’s this thought that projected the world in which we believe to live. And it’s that same belief that keeps us here. The universe and humanity since the Big Bang have been expanding exponentially, and separation has been going on ever since.

We started with very few people once the human being started populating the earth. And the more bodies were created, the more the separation became obvious. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in the story of Adam and Eve or not, but let’s use that story as an example.

You start with Adam and Eve, they are two souls in two different bodies. Now they have children and their children had their children and so on and so on. More and more humans were born. This means the souls needed to be split over and over again to occupy these bodies, until reaching almost 8 billion people on the planet where we are today. And I can’t even think of all the beings on other planets. Because they are in the same process as we are. There comes a point in time for everyone that it’s time time to return home and to end the separation.

Twin flames are a trigger for spiritual awakening

This awakening can start in many different ways. Some people have this spiritual awakening when a loved one passes away, other people become ill and have certain experiences that make them start this path. Others have near-death experiences, accidents, breakups, family feuds, it doesn’t matter what it is. There is a trigger for everyone to start this journey home. In that sense, the twin flame story is not unique and it’s not special, it’s just the way for some people to ignite their start of the spiritual awakening.

And the reason why twin flames have become so popular in the last decade or so has a few different reasons. Separation is becoming more and more clear. Despite social media, we are more disconnected than ever before and we are craving for a deeper connection, for a deeper love that cannot be fulfilled in the physical world we live in. This feeling of separation also causes many people to believe that they have encountered their twin flame but they really just haven’t.

I’ve coached many people in the past years and most of the people that believe to be on a twin flame Journey were not. But it doesn’t matter if there is a true story behind the twin flame or not. What matters is your spiritual awakening and you recognizing why this event is happening in your life. You can use it to continue the separation, or you can stop and look at it differently and start the journey within to initiate the reunion on the level of Oneness where we all came from.

Twin flames and past lives

Twin flames often share many past lives. Usually, these lives were filled with uncompleted love or impossible love. In my personal story, this is the case and I share many many many past lives with my twin flame. I’ve got to understand this through several regression therapy sessions I did, dreams of past lives, and simply memories that sometimes come up. The more past lives you shared, the more difficult it usually becomes to physically reunite in this lifetime.

In every life you have lived together with your twin flame you have built up karma. You have hurt your twin flame and your twin flame has hurt you many many many times. Betrayal, murder, rejection, those are the kind of things that you carry with you and that need to be healed in this life. For most of us, this is possible but it will be something you need to do alone.

Most twin flames do not unite physically in this lifetime because there is too much to be healed. And that keeps you from having this physical union with your twin flame. And that’s okay. In the end, your spiritual awakening is not about union or reunion with your twin flame in the physical, it’s about your spiritual awakening and your enlightenment.

Twin flames and the spiritual awakening

And this is exactly what many people don’t understand and also don’t want to understand. When you are on a twin flame journey your final objective or purpose should not be the physical reunion in this lifetime. Everyone who pursues something physical or material and attaches a high value to obtaining that will end up suffering. Regardless of the achievement of this objective.

It’s what I find very interesting when I see other videos, read articles, or listen to my clients. They want to walk the spiritual path but do this because they are motivated by the physical reward in the end. And that’s just not how it works.

The reward is inner peace and eventual enlightenment. You must understand this.

I often fell into this trap in the past four and a half years. And it cost me a lot of suffering. Now I can say that I am free. It doesn’t mean that I’m enlightened, it doesn’t mean that I have nothing else to learn. Not at all. I have still so many things to learn and it takes a lot of practice and discipline and perseverance.

However, after four and a half years I can say with a lot of peace in my heart that I don’t need the physical union with my twin flame. Not anymore. I found peace in this path and I came to see what true spirituality is, how to put it into practice, and how it can serve me to finally live a happy life.

Twin flames and their special mission

Another thing that is a big misunderstanding is that twin flames are portrayed to be special and to have a special mission to help the world. This cannot be further from the truth. When you become enlightened the world disappears. This doesn’t mean that you cannot do good things for other people, or that you cannot help a lot of other people to start their spiritual awakening, to feel happier, to become independent of love from other people, to overcome their mental health issues, or anything that could be seen as a special mission in our world.

But to believe that you or your twin flame, or both together are here to do something special for the world, to save the world, or just save the people is exactly the opposite of what your purpose is.

Your purpose is your spiritual awakening. The moment you believe you are here to help other people in need, you help to further propagate the separation. But this journey is about union, it’s about returning to where we came from, where we were all one, where we were united in Spirit. Where no distinctions were made, where suffering was not possible, where love was eternal, and happiness and joy were the only mental states we knew about.

So if you want to have a special mission that’s fine. But make it your own, make it your spiritual awakening. Because in the end, when you truly awaken and become enlightened, you unite with the world. So, if you want to help the world, the only way to do it is to help yourself first.

Twin flames and the physical reunion

I know it’s being said that twin flames will always reunite in the physical and that when they do it’s their last lifetime in the physical realm. This is such a huge misconception and it demonstrates how strong the pull is of the physical and material world. And, as I mentioned before, somehow the human being wants a physical reward for the inner work and the inner growth and development that we do. But all that work is worth nothing when you feel that you have not accomplished your goal if you do not get the physical reward.

I don’t know how my personal twin flame story will play out. I’ve had many signs, many visions both from the past and from the future. For now, all I can say is that I’m free. And it feels wonderful. It’s been over a year ago that I last contacted her. I know nothing from her, I don’t know where she is, I don’t know what she’s doing.

But after so many years of inner reflections, suffering and studying this material, and understanding how my mind and my brain work and what I needed to do to let go of my physical investment in this story, I feel liberated. I feel full of love for her and the many people around me. And the physical reunion with her is just something that stopped being a topic for me.

Because I am on my way to unite with everything and everyone. I’m on my way back to Oneness, to Spirit. That’s where I am, that’s where you are, and that’s where she is. And that’s my reward, just like it will be yours.

If you want to learn more about this topic and some more details about my personal story and all the things I’ve learned in these years, I highly recommend you to pick up a copy of my book “Dawn is in me“. You can find it on Amazon and I’d love to hear from you what it did for you once you’ve read it.

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