Twin flames karmic lessons you need to understand

by Martijn
Twin flames karmic lessons you need to understand

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As some of you might know. A few years ago I had two Youtube channels, one in English and the other in Spanish, both with close to 4000 subscribers. Most of those subscribers got to know me through a video about twin flames. After that, I deleted both channels because the content didn’t resonate with me anymore and I wasn’t aligned with the message behind it.

Now, a few years later, I’m in a much better place. And having returned to Youtube I see so many people completely lost on their twin flame journey that I kind of feel like it’s my duty to share with you what I’ve learned in all these years. And how I got to this place of love and inner peace where I am now. I’m still on my twin flame journey but without suffering and with a loving heart. One of the things that helped me to get here was the karmic lessons all twin flames need to understand. In this article, I will share with you what I learned.

Twin flames karmic lessons you need to understand

Most twin flames share many past lives. In these past lives, you have created many karmic lessons. These karmic lessons will continue to compile when you don’t resolve them, causing you to suffer immensely. So, it’s important to understand a few things.

  1. Your twin flame is not the cause of your suffering.
  2. You are not more spiritually evolved than your twin flame.
  3. Your twin flame does not need to learn any lesson for you to reunite.
  4. You have hurt each other in countless different ways throughout your past lives. It’s your job to end the cycle.
  5. Resolving the karmic lessons with your twin flame heals the energetical distance.

Let’s break each of these points down in detail for you to understand them and start working on them to complete your karmic lessons with your twin flame.

Your twin flame is not the cause of your suffering

One thing that is fairly easy to understand is that your twin flame is not the cause of your suffering. And although it’s easy to understand for most people it’s much harder to implement in their thinking. Of course, it hurts when the person you were hoping to spend the rest of your life with leaves you. Of course, it causes you to suffer. That’s only part of the human condition. And it’s not something you need to run away from.

What you need to understand is that when you place the blame, or the cause of your suffering on the departure of your twin flame you are not taking ownership of your suffering and you are not really allowing yourself to go through the suffering. You keep it alive by not taking ownership. So this is incredibly important. If you want to move on from suffering you need to understand that what causes the suffering is your own perception of the situation and not the physical departure of your twin flame.

Now, don’t make the mistake to start blaming yourself for your suffering. You shouldn’t feel bad or sad or suffer because that’s not spiritual and that doesn’t mean you’re not evolved, or something like that. What if you just do nothing with the suffering? You just let it be, you don’t push it away, you don’t place the responsibility anywhere. Go through it. I promise you, that’s the only way to do it.

You are not more spiritually evolved than your twin flame

Another thing that you see so often is that people tell you that the one who left, the twin flame that left and didn’t realize that this was a twin flame relationship, or maybe realized it is a twin flame relationship but ran away from it, is the one who is less spiritually evolved.

But let’s be very clear about this; spirituality has nothing to do with leaving a twin flame relationship or not. The same people that tell you that your twin flame still needs to evolve much more than you to get on the same spiritual level as you, are the same people that tell you that you are one and that you are on your way to becoming one. How is that even possible when you separate yourself from your twin flame by placing yourself above your twin flame on a spiritual level?

Spirituality is simple and it’s just one thing. It is realizing that you are Spirit and nothing but Spirit. And if you want to do it well then you also realize that everyone else is Spirit, the same Spirit as you. That is spirituality. Believing that a certain relationship, even such a special one like a twin flame relationship, has anything to do with spirituality is completely incorrect.

I know it sounds very romantic, you evolve spiritually together and you learn all the lessons you need to learn. And then you dissolve into Oneness forever together. Because you became enlightened together as one. It’s beautiful. But it doesn’t work that way.

If you want to evolve spiritually, the only thing you need to do is recognize Spirit in everything and everyone, nothing more.

Your twin flame does not need to learn any lesson to reunite

The next thing in the same line of twin flame teachings is that your twin flame and you need to learn lessons before you can reunite again. Now, there is a bit of truth in this, and I will speak about that later, but often experts tell you that the one who ran away needs to learn a lesson and they again separate you from your twin flame by portraying them as the culprit.

Please don’t be fooled. You both have a life that was set out in stone for you, that was already played out a million times before, and depending on the choices that you make you will be able to experience one outcome or the other. In the end, your reunion with your twin flame will only depend on the decisions that you and your twin flame take.

You can learn as many lessons as you want. You can evolve and start to see everyone and everything as Spirit, but if one of you does not make the decision to reunite in the physical realm then it won’t happen.

Of course, it helps to learn about forgiveness and about what true spirituality is. It will bring you peace, it will calm your heart. And it will fill you with love and fill the empty spaces that the departure of your twin flame left behind. Of course, it helps to end your codependency and to take responsibility for your own happiness, and to learn how to let go. And of course, that does create a better foundation for any type of relationship with anyone, including your twin flame. But that does not mean that by doing all these things he or she will return running back into your arms.

Twin flames karmic lessons from past lives

Now if you truly have a twin flame relationship with someone in this life you have probably shared many many past lives together. You had many different types of relationships in all these lives and you have built up an incredible amount of karmic lessons. What you have done to your twin flame in a past life, he or she has done it to you in another lifetime. That’s how karma works and not only with your twin flame but also soulmates and people in your soul group, people that you return to meet in many many lives and share many many experiences with throughout those lifetimes.

You have been in so many different situations together, you’ve been a man, you’ve been a woman, you’ve been gay, you’ve been monk, you’ve been a murderer, you’ve been poor, you’ve been rich, you’ve been black, white, Asian, and probably even extraterrestrial. And in all these lifetimes you most likely have not come to a point that you were able to forgive all the things that seemed to be done to you, all the things that caused you suffering. All the hurt that was caused, apparently by other people to you.

Resolving the karmic lessons with your twin flame

But now you realize what true spirituality is, and you start to recognize Spirit in yourself and everyone around you, and you can see the inherent Oneness that entails. You start to see that all the pain, suffering, and hurt that was caused apparently by someone else to you, was actually created by yourself.

And by practicing this true spirituality, which is also called true forgiveness, you then slowly resolve all these karmic lessons with your twin flame. And by doing so, you create this tremendous sense of inner peace, this stable calmness inside of you, and a very sturdy foundation for love and being loved.

Does this mean that he or she will come back to you once you’ve resolved all these karmic lessons on your side? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing is certain, we’re all Spirit, we’re all connected in Spirit, and if you resolve these karmic lessons they are resolved for the both of you.

But don’t work on resolving these karmic lessons with your twin flame to reunite physically with him or her. Do it for your own inner peace, for your happiness, and for your own growth and opening up to love. Whatever type of love might come on your way in the future.

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