Twin flames signs from the universe (twists of fate)

by Martijn
Twin flames signs from the universe

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It’s been a little over five years since I’ve been on this twin flame journey. Many years of wondering what will happen, and if she will ever come back again. Or even show any signs of life at all. There are periods that her presence seems to be almost gone. Just to come back with all the power and conviction as on the first day.

Everything is so completely different from any other relationship. And the signs from the universe just don’t stop.

Twin flames signs from the universe

In all these years it’s become very clear to me that, whatever I do, and whatever happens, my twin flame will always be a part of my life.

When I think of the things that make this twin flame relationship so very different from all other relationships I’ve experienced so far, I think of six signs that stand out to me.

They are very easy to distinguish and from what I’ve been able to learn from many other people, it happens to everyone who finds him or herself on a twin flame journey.

  1. It feels like you’ve known your twin flame forever
  2. You and your twin flame are a perfect love match
  3. The universe sends frequent reminders of your twin flame
  4. Your twin flame appears in your dreams
  5. Your twin flame makes you feel at home
  6. You meet other people like your twin flame

Before I explain these six signs more in detail you must understand a few things about twin flame relationships because often they are not represented correctly. Which can lead to a great deal of suffering because you are not understanding the purpose of this experience.

Twin flame synchronicities

Synchronicity was described by Carl Jung as a concept to describe circumstances that appear meaningfully related yet lack a causal connection. In life we all experience synchronicities every now and then. But, when you’re on a real twin flame journey, they appear to occur more often.

Many people see synchronicities when they are not really there. But even when remaining skeptical and rational, I’ve experienced a lot of synchronicities related to my twin flame in the past years. And every time they appear to have stopped occurring and I don’t even think about it anymore, another one happens. And it brings me right back to her.

Does the universe want twin flames together?

Does the universe bring two souls together? Well, yes and no. You see, everything is already predetermined in our lives. Free will is a myth.

That means even the choices you make were already known before you made them. The universe doesn’t do anything. The universe is just a projection of the imagination of your mind, just like you are yourself. It cannot have a will because it was projected from your own mind. So, whatever occurs in your life is because you wanted it yourself in the first place.

And yes, of course, that means the law of attraction is not real. You cannot attract or manifest anything that has already happened. You are a figure in the dream you dreamed yourself.

To find out more about how this all works I recommend you to read the article about nondualism I wrote a few weeks ago.

Do both twin flames receive signs?

I am convinced both twin flames receive signs. Since we’re all connected the unconscious mind knows everything about the past, present, and future of the entire universe.

Synchronicities that we perceive as signs from the universe occur all the time. Not only in relation to your twin flame, but to many other people, things, and events in your life.

The problem is that both twin flames don’t interpret the signs the same way. Where you see a sign as a symbol of love and an indication you should be together physically, your twin flame might interpret it as a simple confirmation that physical separation between the two of you is the correct thing to do.

This is why you shouldn’t assign a meaning to the signs you receive. Just observe them and experience them. You’ll find out sooner or later what they mean.

Nevertheless, there are some clear signs that this special person in your life is your twin flame. Here are the six signs that stood out most for me.

It feels like you’ve known your twin flame forever

The moment I saw her for the first time at a train station, walking out of the gates with her long hair and that typical mysterious aura that surrounded her I felt an immediate connection, some sort of instant recognition of something I was not consciously aware of.

It was as if I had known her my whole life. Everything about her was a mystery, yet, at the same time, nothing of her soul was unknown to me.

That first date lasted eight hours, only because she had to take the last train home again. She confirmed my feeling when she said that “for sure we knew each other in past lives as well”.

You and your twin flame are a perfect love match

After that first date, we spent a little over four months together. And every time we met there was this spark between the two of us.

The way we connected mentally, intellectually, spiritually, and physically was something I never experienced before. I felt so sure and comfortable with her. She inspired me to be the best version of myself I could be.

Every kiss, every touch, every time we made love. It felt like being with someone again after a very long time. Years, lifetimes. New, but so familiar. We matched like the pieces of a puzzle.

The universe sends frequent reminders of your twin flame

In a few days it will be five years ago she disappeared from my life. And ever since that day I’ve gotten so many reminders. I’ve tried to ignore them, I’ve tried to tell myself I was looking for them on purpose, but even now, after so many years, they just keep on coming.

So many simple, unexpected things. Her name is not uncommon in the area where I live but the number of times I’ve seen or heard her name in the most unexpected and unlikely situations is extraordinary.

Other times I would somehow all of a sudden think of her while I was focused on something else, look up and see her name written on a wall, on the sidewalk, or on a sign of a bar.

Sometimes there are weeks or even months I don’t get any reminders. But, so far, sooner or later they always appear again.

The most significant occurrence happened around four years ago. I cannot explain in this article what happened because she might be reading this and I don’t want to interfere with destiny. But it was a very clear prediction about the future, quite a few years from now. And it happened in the most unexpected way.

So, until that moment I can only live my life, work on myself, be happy, and accept the reminders I get of my twin flame every now and then.

Your twin flame appears in your dreams

Something else that continues to occur every now and then is that she will appear in my dreams. It doesn’t seem to be related to how much I’ve been thinking of her because often she appears in my dreams in periods where I haven’t had her on my mind very much at all.

The dreams also had a certain pattern over the years. They started out with her being at a distance, most of the time with her back towards me. But little by little in every dream she would come a little closer and show her face.

The last time she appeared in my dreams was a few months ago and again she showed her face. But ever since then the reminders and dreams have come to a stop.

The most important thing you can do is to make sure not to assign any meaning to these dreams. Your destiny is already clear, none of your thoughts will make any difference. So, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Your twin flame makes you feel at home

The feeling of being at home is something that most people experience very strongly with their twin flame. In my life, she has been the only person with whom I have felt myself completely. I felt I had nothing to hide, nothing to lose, I could be me, relaxed, and just experience our love.

I find this very interesting because the only other times I’m able to feel something similar is when I manage to join with other people and the entire universe in my mind. So, somehow, she represents the return home, to who and what I really am, Oneness, Spirit, God.

And still, after so many years, when I think of her in a quiet moment and I observe my thoughts and feelings without judgment I still feel at home. I feel a sweet embrace of love and acceptance, and it’s beautiful.

You meet other people like your twin flame

The last thing I’ve also experienced is that I met someone similar to her. By similar, I’m not referring to her physical appearance. In this case, the woman I met reminded me of her through her eyes. In some moments the resemblance was so strong it was awkward because inevitably it brought up memories for me.

Another thing they almost had in common was their birthday. Imagine recognizing my twin flame’s eyes in hers and finding out she was born one day before my twin flame.

By the way, I might add this as an extra sign from the universe about your twin flame. Often, twin flames are born on the same day of the month. In my case, this is also true, we were both born on the 11th.

As you can see, there will be many signs you could interpret any way you like. But remember that it’s not the universe that put them there. It was you. And the purpose is your spiritual awakening.

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