What is the Real Purpose of Life? The Calling of your Spirit

by Martijn
What is the Real Purpose of Life? The Calling of your Spirit

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When searching for the purpose of life it’s easy to get caught up in trivial things that on the surface might seem important to your life. But what if you went a little further? What if you discovered the real purpose of life? How would this impact the quality of your life?

While some people believe the purpose of life is not the same for everyone, the truth couldn’t be much different than that. The real purpose of life is the same for every person. And that is to get to know your Self and, once you’ve uncovered the secluded corners of your being, to live aligned from that deeply rooted knowledge and be consistent in your words, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. This will inevitably lead you to inner peace. And once you have inner peace, you have everything you’ve ever secretly longed for. Inner peace is the foundation you build within yourself to construct a fulfilling and meaningful life. And from that innate, stable harmony within any other secondary purpose is much easier to accomplish. Thus the real purpose of life is inner peace.

To be able to understand how this happens and why there is only one real purpose in life for everyone you need to know a few things that can help you to grasp this concept. And once understood, you can apply them to live a life full of meaning and purpose, leading you to a changeless state of contentment as the new groundwork of your being.

Is there a real purpose in life?

Life, you’re born, you live your life doing all kinds of stuff of greater and lesser significance. You pursue your dreams and find they change over time. You grow up, responsibilities in life take over, and your priorities transform as you grow older. And now and then you wonder if there could be a real fixed purpose in life.

Many people have distinct talents and abilities that make them very suitable to fulfill certain goals and achieve extraordinary accomplishments that can impact not only their lives but also that of many other people. And yet, whether you are someone with a unique skill or on the exterior you disappear in the masses, even the realization of your dreams and life and career goals cannot stop you from reevaluating your life purpose sooner or later.

Why are you here? What is your mission if you even have any at all? What if all of this has no meaning whatsoever? What if there is no real purpose for us being here?

If we’re being honest, nothing we will do in the span of this and many other lifetimes has any meaning. We’re floating around in space in an endless universe. Time becomes irrelevant when you change the magnitude of perception. When all is set and done planets will collide and vanish in a ferocious black hole.

Everything that means something to us will eventually disappear into nothingness. And even when you believe you’re living a life full of purpose and meaning your legacy will never stand the test of time. Everybody and everything we’ve done, massively impacting the world we live in today or insignificant and forgotten in an instant, none of it will serve the larger purpose in life.

Do humans have a purpose?

While our purpose disappears in the immensity of the universe and galaxies, we certainly can find meaning when we stay within the human confines.

Everyone is unique, it doesn’t matter how long you seek, you will not find two people alike. And within that uniqueness are your talents that define who you are, and who you can become. It’s up to you to use the particular abilities you’ve built up over the years and throughout your past life experiences as well.

Deep within you, there is a calling that consciously or unconsciously is guiding you through life. Leaving hints and suggestions along the way. It’s guiding you toward a certain task or mission in life and it gives you energy, inspiration, and motivation. It’s a longing that will manifest in your existence over and over again until you decide to follow your heart and fulfill this craving to complete your mission in life.

Don’t be fooled by desires of your ego that might feel like a real-life purpose. It’s easy to set these apart from your authentic soul mission. Instead of feeling energized and inspired, you will feel it drains your energy and will fill you with doubts. The real purpose of your life will bring you closer to the essence of who you are and will boost your inspiration, motivation, and creativity.

This inner calling will chase you until you start to actively work toward the realization of it. So, even though life in itself is purposeless, you can give it meaning yourself. Your life will start to feel meaningful and it will begin to make sense when you follow your intuition and this inner guidance that is connected to the core of your Spirit.

Do humans need purpose in life?

In today’s world, there are not too many people that dare to follow their deepest calling. We’re all swamped with responsibilities, bills need to be paid, relationships maintained, and time is passing by quickly. To commit yourself to the fulfillment of your purpose takes dedication and discipline. And to be successful at it requires sacrifices that most are not willing to make.

But you need to take that decision for yourself. How will your life be more meaningful to you? At the end of your life, what will you regret you haven’t done? 

Most people go through life tied to expectations, obligations, and commitments. And as a result, they don’t live their life, their life is living them. They don’t live from their creative, naturally motivated, and inspired inner Self, creating opportunities and cultivating their mind, body, and soul. Instead, they let life happen, they let life consume them slowly. Devouring their ideas, dreams, and ambitions, and taking their zest for life far out of reach.

But you have another choice, you can decide to take back control over your life. The first step to controlling your life is to control your mind. Because it’s only in your mind where you let yourself be worn out by life. It’s not the physical exercise that puts you back in shape, it’s the decision in your mind you take whenever you prioritize yourself and your dreams above anything else that does it. It’s not the inspiration and shorter nights that create that business you’ve dreamed of all your life, it’s the decision in your mind you take every time you let yourself be inspired and dedicate those hours to create the life you want for yourself.

So, do you need a purpose to live? No, but you do need one to be truly alive. As Dr. Wayne Dyer so beautifully said, “don’t let your music die within you.”

Does everyone on earth have a purpose?

And believe it or not, you have beautiful music inside of you. But what is the value of music if no one can listen to it? Music is there to be shared with the world. And so is your purpose. The purpose you have to decide to live yourself. You will only be able to truly live your purpose when you share it.

It doesn’t matter how, where, or with whom. Just share it, without fear, doubts, and expectations. It will be your passion, drive, dedication, and love for what you do that will shine through in whatever you decide it to be. If it comes from that limitless source of inspiration, connected to the deepest depths of your Spirit, you will know. There will be no doubt, only infinite faith, and patience. Because your satisfaction doesn’t come from success in the external world, it comes from the ability to share your purpose with it.

So, does everyone have a purpose?

The answer to that question is simple. If you decide to have a purpose you will. It doesn’t depend on anything else but that one little decision you take every time you decide to live life to the fullest, to be present in the moment, to let inspiration take over from within.

It’s just one little decision at a time. And everyone is capable of taking a decision.

What is the true meaning of life?

But even then, when you have decided to live an inspired life and give the meaning to your life that you want it to have, there must be an even deeper meaning to life. Something we all share, something we all have in common.

How come your purpose only starts to make sense when you share it with the world around you? If this is true, then it must also mean your purpose is not only yours. And if it’s not only yours, this must mean your purpose is shared with everyone. But your purpose is only the result of the inspiration born inside you.

Just like spoken words are the result of thoughts in your mind, your purpose is the result of the decision to follow your inspiration from within. The words and the purpose are just projections of something you carry inside. Projections cannot be shared in reality. They are the aftermath of an internal process that originated in the core of your being. Thus, what is shared with everyone is the source from which it was all created.

And that is where you can find the true meaning of life. The real meaning has nothing to do with the outcome of the actions you took as a consequence of the inspiration you felt that made you follow your heart and live your purpose. But it has everything to do with the revelation of the Oneness of our inspired source.

We share our source. When we are open and aware of the connection with our origins, we feel and know we are connected to everything and everyone around us. And life gains an entirely different meaning when you realize that at the core we literally are the same. This perspective opens the door to a new understanding of what compassion, patience, tolerance, and love really are. Because how can life have meaning when we live in conflict with the world around us and ourselves?

The meaning of life now has obtained a deeper meaning. A meaning that will outlast time and live in eternity because it doesn’t depend on the external circumstances of the world. It revolves around the inspired thoughts that made these circumstances possible, and its creator is eternal.

What is the main purpose of human life?

When you are aware of the connection with the source of your creation, the source of all creativity and inspiration, and you know that this is the fountain of all life that connects you with everything and everyone around you on the deepest possible level you cannot avoid getting to know your Self and finding inner peace.

You might believe to have more than one purpose in life and you’ve now learned how to tap into the source of inspiration that makes it possible to fill your life with meaning, purpose, and satisfaction but all roads lead to inner peace.

The deeper you go, the more you will uncover your authentic Self. It’s not that you don’t know It, you knew it so well you decided to cover it and run from it, only to find an uninspired world of suffering. But the closer you get, the more peace you will find. Inner peace will become your playground. A place where you feel at home and where you can be regardless of what’s going on in your life at any given moment.

And you will come to understand the real purpose of life can only be one. And that is to return home, to release yourself from all external tribulations, and to exchange the external for the eternal.

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