Why God did not create the universe

by Martijn
Why God did not create the universe

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God is such an interesting topic to think about. It’s this thing nobody has ever seen. Yet, it’s the cause of all religions, the excuse for countless wars, but also miraculous healings, and the existence of a widespread faith in something invisible. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do believe in God, but I do not believe in this universe.

Why God did not create the universe

If God created us and the entire universe in His own likeness it should be impossible to experience pain, disease, death, loss, and suffering. But these things do exist in our world. If God were equal to love, He would not even be capable of conceiving the concept of anything else than love. God is not dualistic, therefore His creations cannot be dualistic either. God is one with love. So, everything that is not love, was not created by Him but by a misperception in our mind. The universe is our own creation and God had nothing to do with it.

Let me explain that to you a bit more in-depth. And let me try to show you the things that convinced me of this outrageous statement.

How can God be the source of duality?

I’m going to ask you a few questions and I need you to be extremely honest with yourself and be as objective as you can be when you respond. Because it’s important for you to dig a bit deeper into the existence of God and what that means for the reality of our universe. My first question for you is, do you know anyone happy? My answer to this question is no and if you were completely honest very likely your response was also no. But, if your response was yes then I have another question for you. Do you know anyone who has not suffered loss, pain, betrayal, guilt, shame, or any other negative feeling or experience in their life? If you responded yes to this question you’re probably not being very honest with yourself.

Of course, there will be people that are happy sometimes but most people are happy occasionally. We’re always chasing something to fulfill our happiness. If we were happy we wouldn’t be doing anything. Because we wouldn’t need any change. But our constant need for change and our constant action in pursuit of things and feelings and emotions’ only purpose is to feel happy and satisfied. It’s an endless journey from one quick fix to another.

If God really created us and the entire universe, and He is almighty and loves us unconditionally, do you really believe that he would want the suffering, pain, loss, and us to be chasing a feeling of happiness and just to have that occasionally fulfilled? That God is a dualistic God that is portrayed in most religions. The one that claims to love you, but when you do something wrong He will punish you. That’s not love. That’s not God. That is a story made up by the human mind.

The false purpose of God for human beings

That is the same God that supposedly created this universe to experience himself through us. This is something used in many spiritual movements to explain the purpose of humankind and to make people believe God is acting through us. And that He lives in us, and is the source of all our thoughts and actions. The only thing that is true about that is that He lives in us. But at the same time, He does not know anything about the existence of the universe and mankind. God does not need to experience Himself through another creation. God is one with everything.

Only that what does not know itself could want to experience itself. That what knows itself will never have the need to experience itself through its creations because it already experiences itself all the time and it simply is. Therefore, the purpose that has been sold to us as a higher purpose of God, to raise our consciousness and return to where we came from, is a myth. If our home is God. And at home, we already knew everything and had everything, why would we lower ourselves into this dualistic experience to learn something that we actually already knew and to return where we already were before? It does not make any sense and it cannot be the purpose of God.

The Home of God and His nature

God simply is and that’s everything that needs to be said about God. There is nothing more to say about Him. Because His being contains everything that exists. God is one with everything and sees no separation. For God, everything is the same and was created in His own likeness. So everything that is not like God and is seemingly dualistic and material, and can be differentiated from something else must be a perception that is not coming from God. Where does this perception come from if it does not come from God? If God is one with everything that exists, then everything that we can differentiate from God must be an illusion, right? 

And this again is the whole paradox. The reality of the illusion is mutually exclusive. An illusion cannot be real, so talking about why we can actually experience this dualistic world, that was not created by God and that seems to be outside the Oneness of God, will never lead to a satisfying conclusion. We speak in dualistic terms with thoughts that were created from dualistic perceptions about something so vast and so inconceivable for a dualistic mind that normally the most logical conclusion is discarded. Because it excludes our own existence as material, physical, and individual beings.

And that’s how the acceptance of the existence and nature of God simultaneously puts us as individual human beings in an existential crisis because if this is true, then you and I must simply be a misperception of the mind.

The representation of God in our universe

So how come we can still evaluate truth and find out about the reality of God while we are living in this illusion, in this illusory body, with our illusory thoughts, emotions, and feelings? That’s because reality and truth never disappear. You can hide them, you can not look at them, but truth cannot be undone. So, even when we are here in the illusion and we experience it on a dualistic and material level there must be something inside of us that contains the original source-energy, and knowledge.

Deep inside of you, there is this memory, this remembrance of God. It’s changeless, it’s the same as God, it’s one, it does not see any separation, it only sees Oneness, love, and truth. And you carry it deep within yourself. It will not beg for your attention, it will never force being the protagonist of your thoughts and of your life. Therefore, silence, mental silence, gentleness, and softness are the only ways this can be brought to the surface of your mind and of your thoughts.

And once you find it and start to look at the world differently with the knowledge of the true reality of God, your true source and illusory reality of the world, and even the body that you believe to live in, you will see your values and priorities will start to change. You will see more Oneness in the world. You will look further than the physical appearance of the people around you, and try to recognize that same source, that same Spirit, they carry within themselves, just like you do. And at some point, you will be fully aligned with that memory of God in your mind. And you will see the world as He sees it. Not even as an illusion, you will not see it anymore. The world will disappear, you will disappear, and you will unite back into the Oneness, in the real world of God.

The Oneness of God and His reality

And that’s when you become enlightened in this world. There have been very few people in our history on this planet that were enlightened. But more and more people are waking up to this different perception of reality and to our true purpose in this world. It’s not to have God experiencing Himself through us. But it’s more for us to change our perception back into a non-dualistic perception where separation does not exist. Where time does not exist. There has never been a start, there has never been an end. The only thing that can be done within the Oneness of God is to simply be the Oneness of God into eternity.

I understand this explanation is very difficult to grasp and that’s because we’re still in the dualistic mindset. When the truth of God can only really be understood from the perspective of Oneness. With no thoughts, no changes, just being Oneness. The moment we achieve that, no explanations are needed anymore. However, we can have reflections of the Oneness of God in our lives, in our world, in our material and dualistic perception. But it requires us to live with a non-dualistic mind and view on this dualistic world. When we live in connection with the memory of God in our mind and have it projected outward we will see reflections into the material world of the Oneness of God.

I will talk more about this and how to achieve it and how it can be incredibly beneficial for your well-being and inner peace within this dualistic universe. But for now, I invite you to reflect on the reality of the world you believe to live in. And ask yourself, could it be just an illusion? And could God actually be the only thing that is real? And is that the direct explanation of why God did not create the universe? Sit in silence with yourself and your memory of God and let me know what you find.

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