Practical Ways to Harmonize Spirituality With Your Daily Life

by Martijn
Practical Ways to Harmonize Spirituality With Your Daily Life

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Today we’re going to talk about one of the things so many of you are experiencing difficulties with these days; How to harmonize spirituality with your daily life.

By the end of this article, you will understand why your normal day-to-day life can be extremely valuable for your spiritual growth and how a well-balanced spirituality expresses itself in your life. We’ll end with 5 practical ways to harmonize spirituality with your daily life.

How Life Can Be Extremely Valuable For Your Spiritual Growth

The process of spiritual awakening is a personal journey for everyone. You can’t compare yours with someone else’s. However, after speaking to so many people over the years, I’ve seen some clear patterns that show up for most people. One of them is to want to step out of “normal” life. Breaking free from a 9 to 5 job and living closer to nature.

Some of you have even taken the step to leave everything behind, live in a van, quit your job, move to a different country, and other drastic changes. But so many of you are stuck, you’re not happy with your old life while at the same time, you don’t really know what to do next. Or you might not even feel inspired to do anything at all.

Here’s the thing, the main driver for all of this is the need for inner peace. And, although changing your life and adapting your external environment so you can live a calm and slow life can be a huge boost to achieve that inner peace, it’s obvious that for many this doesn’t work. You’re stuck, without motivation and inspiration. No drive, no energy, no goals.

And while, in time, the process of spiritual awakening will lead to a detached and desireless state of mind. Apathy and a lack of inspiration, leading to restlessness and depression are definitely not a part of that.

When you are spiritually awake, you are in tune with Spirit, you are inspired. And the mental state of inspiration is incompatible with apathy. So, while some spiritual masters have achieved enlightenment by sitting under a tree and meditating for 18 hours a day, this will not be the way to incorporate spirituality into life for most of us.

You need to find a balance between your daily life and your spiritual practice. And spiritual growth for most of us is triggered and stimulated by a continuous cycle of interaction with the world and introspection of the Self. And this is exactly why not escaping from “normal” life can be extremely valuable for your spiritual growth. Because contrast provides you with the opportunity to look within and learn more about yourself.

How do you react to adversity? And to success and fortune? Does it disturb your inner peace? Life is a blessing, and you can make it a masterclass for your spiritual graduation.

And while sitting under a tree all day long can be very peaceful, it doesn’t give you many opportunities to discover whether that inner peace you’re feeling is stable and somewhat permanent or not.

How Well-Balanced Spirituality Expresses Itself in Your Life

So, experience life with all its ups and downs and use it to look within. Where, when, and how do your daily life and your interactions with other people interrupt your inner peace? And then, once you’ve established inner peace, regardless of your external circumstances, go sit under that tree if you feel inspired to do so.

The further you are on your path toward spiritual awakening the more you will see it reflected in your life. First, you will feel the changes within yourself. You’ll find that fewer things upset you. Other people and the circumstances of your life don’t affect your mental and emotional state as much anymore. You’ll be more patient, understanding, and compassionate. Loving thoughts and feelings will mostly inspire your reactions to external events. You’ll be able to enjoy and appreciate the simple things of life more.

Then the people around you will notice those changes in you. You might get comments about how calm you always are, or how your energy is so soothing and comforting. People will feel drawn to you and ask for help and advice. You’re now slowly changing into a beacon of light for your environment.

And that will start to express itself in your external world even more. The more you are in tune with your essence, with Spirit, the more inspired you will feel and your life will have a natural flow. Things appear to come to you more easily because your patience and independent inner state of being, allow life to unfold without any interference that blocks the alignment with what already is.

Practical Ways to Harmonize Spirituality With Your Daily Life

But it does require a conscious and consistent effort from your side to get to that point. And, although there are many more things you can do to integrate spirituality into your daily life, these are the ones I found to be most important and impactful for me.

1. Time For Yourself

While you go about your daily life it’s easy to get sidetracked. That’s why it’s so important to find at least one, but preferably two or more, moments throughout your day to have time for yourself. If you only have time for one moment, do it before bedtime. Review your day, and release your emotional attachment to the stories of that day. Look within and find love, no matter what happened that day.

2. Radical Responsibility

When we are absorbed by life in the external world it’s easy to find the reason for our inner state of being out there. But that can never be the real reason. Always look within and know and understand that however you feel, it was your choice to feel that way. Most importantly, you can be sad or happy and excited but, if your inner peace is disrupted, it is your responsibility. Always.

3. Prioritize Your Inner World

Through that radical responsibility, you will come to understand that your inner state of being is much more important than the external circumstances of your life. And you also start to see how they are interconnected. Look outside and use it as your guide, and so it will be reflected within. Look within and use that as your guide, and so you will see it reflected in your external circumstances in the world.

4. Intentional Living

When you make time for yourself, take radical responsibility, and prioritize your inner world, you will see how everything you think, feel, say, and do has an impact on your inner state of being. This leads you to become more intentional about everything. Before you think, say, or do anything, understand what the outcome will be. Live intentionally, live on purpose.

5. Have Goals Aligned With Your Purpose

Then, when you’ve consistently implemented the first 4 ways to harmonize spirituality with your life, set a goal. Having a goal gives meaning and purpose to life, it makes it more enjoyable for all of us who are not yet enlightened. Make sure this goal is aligned with the inspiration that flows from within. You’ll find that, most likely, this goal is in one way or another related to being of service to others.

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