How to spiritually connect with someone (a better approach)

by Martijn
How to spiritually connect with someone (a better approach)

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When you have started your path towards spiritual awakening, very soon you will feel the urge to connect with other beings around you on a deeper level. For most of us, it comes naturally to connect with others on a physical level, via touch, or any type of communication we have all become accustomed to in today’s society. But we don’t really know how to connect spiritually.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what a true spiritual connection is with someone. After years of studying, practicing, and learning about spirituality, I’ve come to the conclusion there are two ways to understand a spiritual connection with someone.

The first is by far the most common one and is what most people try to practice when thinking about establishing a spiritual connection with someone. It’s born out of an individual need to reduce or eliminate a feeling of lack within yourself.

The second is not so common and practicing by very few people. But it’s the only way to truly connect with someone on a spiritual level. People often start to practice this type of spiritual connection when they genuinely desire to reach a permanent state of inner peace.

In this article, I’ll explain both ways and how to truly connect spiritually with someone.

How to spiritually connect with someone

People have many different reasons to want to connect with someone spiritually. For some, it’s a way to connect with a loved one who passed away. For others, it’s an alternative to deepening the connection with someone who is still alive or to connect with someone when all other communication is lost.

The most common belief is that you can create this connection yourself by practicing some sort of exercise or ritual, in a quiet position, controlling your breathing, using your imagination, often asking the other person’s higher self for permission, and then establishing the connection to transmit whatever message you want to transmit.

This belief does not take into consideration that, in reality, we are already connected spiritually all the time.

What do you think will happen when you try to establish a connection that is already there but you are not aware of?

Exactly, interference.

The mere fact you are doing something to create a connection that is already there clearly shows you’re not consciously connected at all. And the only way to become aware of the connection that already exists is to undo all the layers within yourself that block you from being consciously aware of it.

How to connect with someone subconsciously

The intention of connecting subconsciously with someone might be to send the other person an important message or to try to help the other person if he or she is suffering. You can think of abusive relationships, mental illness, and also any kind of addiction. Being able to transmit a message on a spiritual level might be helpful for them in those situations.

However, let’s be honest, in most circumstances the reason you want to connect spiritually with someone is selfish. And most likely the reason is something that you believe to be love. And the spiritual connection you are seeking is actually meant to be used to impose your love upon the other person. 

Is that really love? I am sure you know the answer.

So, when you don’t feel the connection with that particular person it’s important for you to understand that it is really there, you’re just not aware of it.

Therefore, instead of seeking to create a subconscious connection, you need to seek for becoming aware of what is already there all the time.

All of a sudden this entire concept is turned upside down, doing now becomes undoing, and creating now becomes being or experiencing. And instead of seeking that spiritual connection externally, you’re now looking for it internally.

Signs you are spiritually connected with someone

It’s quite simple to explain we are all spiritually connected all the time. Our source is one, we all originate from the same source. And we all share the same collective and universal mind, where we are united as one Spirit.

That means we are always spiritually connected with everyone and everything around us, whether you see signs or manifestations of that connection or not. The fact you don’t see or feel it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

But, of course, it’s nice to see or feel some sort of confirmation of that connection from time to time. So, here are some signs that confirm the spiritual connection with someone.

  1. You feel only peace and love when you think of that person
  2. Judgment is completely absent
  3. You might feel his or her energy present within yourself
  4. You’re able to intuitively feel how he or she is feeling (without previous communication)
  5. His or her presence in your life greatly contributes to your spiritual growth

How to spiritually call someone

Now you know you’re always spiritually connected to everyone it would still be nice to understand how to spiritually call someone, right?

Before you try to do that you must be aware of the reason behind it. In the end, all motivations are selfish. Even if your friend is not going through a good time and you want to provide support, the reason you want to do that is that it makes you feel better.

There’s nothing wrong with all reasons and motivations being selfish. But it’s important to understand that because it might help you to become more aware of the joint purpose we have as Spirit.

Once you’ve decided you would like to call that someone spiritually you need to remember the connection is already there. You need to do nothing.

So, just silence your mind, sustain the other person in the center of your attention, and simply sink into the deep spiritual bond, become aware of it, and bask in each other’s presence. Knowing you don’t need to actively communicate anything at all. There is nothing in your mind that was not already shared with him or her. Just relax and soothe away together, as one.

Can you feel someone from far away?

What do you think will happen when you successfully become aware of this connection? When you feel a connection with someone do they feel it too?

The answer is quite simple and easy to understand after what I explained before in this article.

They can definitely perceive that connection too. They also are always connected spiritually with everyone. They might also have these sudden appearances of your energy within themselves.

But they might not be aware of it. It all depends on their awareness and progress on their spiritual path. The more advanced they are, the more likely it is they will be consciously aware of the connection, not only between the two of you but the entire universe.

Mentally connected to someone

Yet, don’t make the mistake to believe you are more mentally and spiritually connected with someone than with others. Our connection with everyone is exactly the same. It’s just our perception and awareness that gives different grades and qualities to this connection.

It’s perfectly possible to feel more mentally connected to someone than to others.

I remember many years ago I had a mind-blowing experience with an ex-girlfriend. We were physically separated by around 500 km. And while we were on the phone all of a sudden I could “see” her. It’s difficult to explain how or where. It wasn’t with my eyes, but it was also not in my mind. I continued with my eyes open. But somehow I could see her.

When I told her the exact posture she was in, where she was and even the exact motions of her arms and legs she made to test if I was really seeing her, we were both shocked and astonished by what just happened.

So, these experiences are certainly possible. However, when they do not occur it doesn’t mean you are less connected. Even though our human dualistic mind desperately wants to believe that’s true.

Strong spiritual connection with someone

When both are spiritually advanced and have practiced becoming aware of your true nature as Spirit and the interconnectedness of all things in the universe a truly strong spiritual connection can manifest itself in this world. It’s a beautiful thing to experience and it’s something to cherish and enjoy.

However, the ultimate spiritual experience is to reach that same level of spiritual awareness with everyone.

Everyone is equally spiritually connected. Imagine what it would be like if you were aware of that. It would be way too overwhelming to experience that at once.

That’s why the spiritual awakening is gradual for most people. So you can ease your way into a deeper and wider recognition of the underlying reality of our world. Where all is one, and connections are not even necessary anymore. Because where everything is one, the meaning of connection is lost. Connection only is useful when there are two or more separated parts. It becomes meaningless when all we know is our true reality, Oneness.

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