The Tao of Miracles, a journey within

by Martijn
Martijn Dieleman - Tao of Miracles, a journey within

February 14th, Valentines day. The day the world is supposed to celebrate love. I figured this was a good day to launch the Tao of Miracles into the world. You see, lately I’ve been drowning in work. I recently got a promotion and the last few weeks I’ve been averaging anywhere between 11 and 14 hours per day, at the job. Plus a considerable amount of hours in the weekends as well.

Is this what I want?

Is this what I really want in my life? The obvious answer is no. In the past I’ve had several Youtube channels with some moderate success, I’ve done some coaching, and I’m a therapist in my spare time. I’m an author too, I wrote a book about nondualism a little bit over a year ago. Yet, I make a living managing teams in a customer service environment. With the current workload and having seen that the outlook for the future does not provide any reliable reassurance that it’s ever going to change, I feel inspired to get back to what I’ve always felt drawn to since the year 2010.

The choice to live the Tao

At the same time, I do realize that the last time I quit because I didn’t want to expose myself anymore. I didn’t want to continue being on social media. This is why this time I consciously chose to only use two platforms; this blog, and Youtube. And my intention is to truly honor the Tao. The journey within. I want to celebrate my passion for writing, I want to respect my time, and my freedom to choose and decide to what I dedicate my attention and energy. I want to use the journey within to return to a more conscious and observant state of mind, in order to make life easier and to be able to recognize the different choices I have available for myself in each fleeting moment.

A choice to see the Tao in every situation, in all circumstances, and in all people. Or a choice to choose chaos, and separation. But the Tao is there to show me, and all of us, that the most important decisions we make are related to how we perceive life and that what appears to occur in front of our eyes. The Tao can bring miracles upon the world, simply by observation.

The purpose

There can be peace in chaos, love in war, and health in sickness. But the opposite is true as well, there can also be chaos in peace, war in love, and sickness in health. The eye of the beholder shows the state of mind of the one who wanders within. The purpose of the Tao of Miracles is to help you and myself, to make it a little bit easier to notice whether we walk this way alone and lost, or together, united in our common destiny. The eternal life.