Twin Flame Separation: The Essential To-Do List

by Martijn
Twin Flame Separation: The Essential To-Do List

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After having published several articles about twin flames in the past I keep getting questions from many people. They feel sad or sometimes even desperate because of the twin flame separation. And many are confused because of all the false promises and misleading videos, podcasts, and articles out there.

The twin flame separation is a tough time for everyone who has to go through it. But there are ways to make it easier and even use it to your advantage and become your best possible version in a relatively short period. I’ve gone through it, and based on my experience, I’ve created an essential to-do list that will help to put you back on track with your life in no time.

A twin flame separation is one of the biggest challenges one has to face. However, if done properly it can set you up for the best part of your life. To make sure you’re having the right approach, and before you go straight to the to-do list, you must understand a few things about twin flames.

Twin flame relationship separation

Twin flames at one point were the same soul. This is pretty easy to explain since we all originate from the same source. The more bodies there are around the universe, the more souls there are and the more twin flames there are, simply because a soul is split in two to make this happen.

Twin flames will cross paths in many of their lifetimes and will sooner or later recognize themselves in their twin flame. That usually has profound effects because they cannot run from themselves anymore. They have to face their dark side to overcome all the deep and overwhelming emotions and feelings this twin flame relationship brings to the surface of their awareness.

However, what most people tend to do is focus on their twin flame instead of themselves, causing them to stay stuck for a very long time. Usually, many years and some stay stuck in that pursuit of the physical reunion their entire life. They get hooked up to the suffering caused by the separation. Failing to understand this is a reenactment of the separation of their soul.

Instead of working on healing their perception of the world and the cause of their suffering, they try to work on the physical union or reunion with their twin flame. This directly leads to confusion, misguided advice, and even deeper enslavement of their happiness.

You must understand the twin flame separation will not end while you pursue the physical union in this world. Instead, you have to work on yourself, for yourself. With a clear goal to release yourself from suffering, feel free, feel at peace, and be happy regardless of the circumstances of your life.

To accomplish that, you have to take action. That’s why I’ve created a to-do list with essential steps you need to take to be able to move on with your life. None of these steps imply you should stop loving your twin flame or that you close the door to a reunion in the future. Even more so, these steps will make you truly love your twin flame, or you will conclude they were never your twin flame at all. And when you complete this to-do list, your chances of a physical reunion with your twin flame will be much higher.

1. Stop twin flame psychic readings immediately

Look, I get it, I’ve been there myself, the twin flame separation feels like an uncertain time in life. And to speak to someone who appears to understand you and, on top of that, confirms most of your feelings and emotions, and tells you that your twin flame will return to you soon, feels comforting.

But it becomes very disturbing and dangerous when instead of providing comfort and support they cause addiction, suffering, and a very real threat to your financial situation. First, they tell you he or she will be back in two weeks. A month passes and then all of a sudden it will be in two months. Then they tell you it’s another 6 months because they made a wrong decision, or you made a bad move, and this goes on and on until you decide to stop it.

99% of the psychics out there have no clue what they are doing. Many have good intentions but never have I seen anyone benefiting in the long term from these psychic readings. Work on yourself, live in the now and do not give any power and energy to stories made up by people that make a living by keeping people attached to a situation that might or might not occur.

And please don’t give any credibility to any articles or any other type of content that recommends you to get a psychic reading. These websites all have the same useless information and are only created to make tons of money recommending these services to people who are depressed, lonely, very easily pursuaded, and completely lost in life. You need to make a change within you and no psychic will tell you how to do that.

2. Accept the twin flame separation

Going through a breakup is never easy. Often it’s difficult to accept a new situation without your partner by your side This is true for any kind of relationship, but in a twin flame relationship everything is magnified, so also the struggle to accept the breakup is more difficult than in any other relationship you might’ve had before.

Acceptance is reached by taking control and responsibility over your thoughts, so you can observe your feelings and emotions instead of staying at the mercy of the emotional roller coaster you don’t seem to dominate. When you observe your thoughts, you can analyze and direct them in a more productive and useful direction so you can lead yourself to take the necessary steps to get back into a mental state of peace and happiness.

3. Allow yourself to be sad

Once you’ve accepted the physical separation you must allow yourself to feel and experience the sadness. It’s not the first time you feel this. It’s a very familiar feeling, although you might not consciously know and understand when and where you’ve felt it before.

In this stage, it’s essential to experience the sadness but not to keep and extend it. Experience the sadness from a distance. Feel it, observe it, but don’t judge it, don’t play with it, don’t add new conscious thoughts to it.

As soon as you manage to not keep your thoughts and sadness active by consciously participating in your thoughts you will see how the sadness fades away quickly. But it’s easier said than done to only observe and experience your sadness but not actively participate in them. It can be done, and the key to achieving that is your willingness to feel better.

Often people only say they want to feel better, while in reality, they prefer to remain in a state of suffering, while at the same time, they cling to their circumstances because it’s what gives them a false sense of comfort.

4. Trust your twin flame connection

Another fundamental thing to work on is trusting your twin flame connection. If he or she really is your twin flame then why worry so much about it? Don’t believe anyone who tells you that twin flame separation is permanent when you stop feeling your twin flame, or when you stop dreaming about them, or when synchronicities related to them don’t occur anymore. If this is your true twin flame, your connection can never be lost or broken. Never.

The awareness of that connection tends to come in waves. You might not experience or feel anything at all for months or even years. And at some point, you will feel a deep sense of loss. This is crucial to be able to convert ego-based love to unconditional love. But the awareness of the connection always comes back. And so will it for them.

You can never go on the wrong path, and they can never take a bad decision. The twin flame connection is forever. Remember, you come from the same soul, that’s a fact and cannot be changed. You will cross paths time and again until your last life in a human body.

When you know this it’s inevitable to have a deeply rooted faith. You might not know if the physical separation will end in this life. But you feel profound comfort in knowing your lives are entangled forever.

5. Let go and start to focus on yourself

By the time you are sure about the connection, you will feel ready to change your point of attention. You can now let go of the active thoughts about your twin flame and redirect your energy, efforts, and focus on yourself.

You have to decide to let go of your twin flame. That doesn’t mean you stop loving them, it doesn’t mean it will change the future, and it certainly doesn’t mean a possible physical reunion will not happen anymore. It simply means your love has grown into something so strong and so deep that the faith you have in this connection allows you to be free to do whatever it takes to feel good about yourself and your life again.

6. Take responsibility for your happiness

At this point, it’s time for you to take full control of your life. Only you can make yourself happy. Often people prefer to put the responsibility for their happiness in someone else’s hands. They let external circumstances determine whether they can be content with their life or not.

That is not how happiness works. It’s an inside job and does not depend on anyone or anything outside yourself. Happiness is a side effect of inner peace. And inner peace is the result of many years of inner work, of observing your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Understanding them and consciously redirecting them into a path where you control the outcome. Not of what happens to you externally but how you deal with it internally.

Now happiness is not something that occurs to you. It has become a decision.

7. Get in physical shape

Once you’ve reached the point you are determined to take control of your life you need to get in physical shape. You are a combination of mind, body, and soul. You will only feel great when all of them are aligned and taken care of.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or in what sort of physical form you are. You can always do something. I don’t care if you decide to hit the gym, run outside, or join online yoga classes. You have to do something every day.

Daily exercise helps tremendously to put yourself in the right mindset. It boosts your mood and cultivates confidence and self-esteem. You will feel stronger and healthier, and you will look better and be more attractive to others. Not only because you look better but also because your energy has changed.

8. Improve your eating habits

Another crucial aspect of your recovery is your diet. Food tends to be a temporary way out of suffering. Comfort food is what they call it, right?

Sadly the comfort of eating this type of food only lasts as long as the bowl of ice cream, chips, or cookies is not empty yet. Food is a way to place the responsibility of your life outside of yourself. Food is an irresistible temptation for weak minds or a source of health and well-being for a motivated, disciplined, and decisive mind.

It’s completely up to you which type of mind you decide you use. You have access to both but one will feel much easier than the other. The problem is, that the one that feels most difficult is the one you should decide to go for. Not every once in a while but all the time.

Your diet is even more important than daily exercise. But the combination of both will put you in a much better mental and emotional state of mind.

9. Be who you want to be

Then, when you’re feeling better and healthier, you should reflect on who you want to be. Your attention has been on your twin flame, now it’s time to become the best version of yourself. What are you passionate about in life? What talents can you share with the world? What is your purpose in this life?

To achieve the goals and dreams you have in mind you have to transform yourself. What are the things you are not doing but should be to reach your objectives? Why don’t you do them right now? What is blocking you from being who you want to be today? 

You might not have everything you want yet, but you can be who you think you would be if you already had it. Before you materialize your desires in life, you have to think, act, and be the person that has accomplished all of those things already. Your mindset always precedes the physical manifestations in the world. So, if you want to change your life, you must change your mind first.

Twin flame separation conclusions

If you are stuck in your twin flame separation, know that I understand you. I’ve gone through it all for over 6 years now. There is nothing to worry about. But you need to go through these steps to become free and to liberate yourself from the mental slavery you’ve forced upon yourself throughout this journey.

You might not feel ready to take these steps. But the sooner you start, the better it will be for you. And before you know it, you might have put yourself in a situation where a physical reunion is more likely to happen. The goal of your transformation should never be to end the physical separation from your twin flame. Otherwise, the transformation is not real and is like a house without a foundation. Your change should be because of you and your inner peace and happiness.

On your twin flame journey just know that the separation is never permanent. And to end the twin flame separation in this life you first must end it in your mind.

And once you do, you’re heart will be filled with endless love, regardless of the circumstances in your external surroundings.

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