Twin Flame vs Soulmate: Not the Same but Not so Different

by Martijn
Twin Flame vs Soulmate: Not the Same but Not so Different

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Many people seem to be confused these days. Everybody wants their twin flame. They all believe it will be an incredible love story with a happy ending. But when I ask a little further about what they believe a twin flame is, they are clueless. And often, they think it’s more like what a soulmate is.

A twin flame and a soulmate are very different. Many differences can be mentioned, but I want to narrow it down to the 5 most important ones. So you can clearly understand what twin flames and soulmates are, how you can recognize each, and the purpose and why they are different.

How can you tell a soulmate from a twin flame?

While soulmates can also trigger deep personal and spiritual development, this is not their primary purpose. Contrary to the central objective of twin flames, which is a profound personal and spiritual awakening. After being on this twin flame journey for over six years and having met several soulmates throughout my life, I believe these five differences are key to understanding whether you’ve met your twin flame or a soulmate. And especially to use this event for your benefit in your personal and spiritual growth.

1. Twin flames one soul two bodies

The fundamental difference between twin flames and soulmates is that twin flames once were the same soul. And they share the identical energetical blueprint of their soul.

Technically speaking, we all come from the same source, and deep within we carry the same spiritual essence of our origin. But this is not the same as the energetical blueprint of your soul. When more human beings are born, more souls are split in two to inhabit these bodies. This doesn’t mean these souls are only half of what other souls are. You can compare it with water, when you split a drop of water, you simply have two drops of water with indistinguishable properties, they are exactly the same.

Over time, each soul develops its own archetype but twin flames maintain the same energetical form, and when they meet, it causes an immediate and profound recognition of oneself. It’s very common for twin flames to describe the first meeting with their twin flame as a sensation of coming home.

Soulmates are souls that are part of a group of souls that often reincarnate together to live certain experiences in different compositions. They can be friends, lovers, family members, or other meaningful connections in one’s life. And everyone gets to play their part in the lives they live together.

Soulmates will often feel a deep connection with each other and can consciously or unconsciously recognize their mate from a past life. They feel comfortable around each other but do not create that feeling of being at home and they do not see themselves reflected in their soulmate.

2. Twin flame mirror soul

The reflection of oneself is a clear characteristic of a twin flame. Spiritually mature people eventually will have the capacity to see themselves in everything and everyone around them. But often, a twin flame can be the trigger for a deep spiritual awakening. Simply because the twin flame acts as a mirror of your soul.

This mirror effect tends to cause the start of a savage path of personal and spiritual development. Simply because there is nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. The reflection of who you are through your twin flame is out in the open and must be faced directly. The twin flame journey is not a gentle awakening. And it usually is a solitary path until the ways of the twin flames cross again much later in this life or a future life.

On the other hand, soulmates do not directly reflect each other. That doesn’t mean they cannot learn and grow together on a personal and spiritual level. On the contrary, they tend to walk this road together, they provide comfort and support, and both can benefit greatly from each other’s company. Leading to many pleasant and satisfying experiences together.

3. Twin flame heartbreak

An easy and comfortable life together is not something twin flames will experience. It’s not impossible for twin flames to come together and stay together, or reunite in a later stage of life. But the brutal awakening caused by the inevitable revelation of their soul will cause periods of intense heartbreak and suffering.

This twin flame heartbreak will last as long as you continue to avoid looking within and putting in the work to find growth and peace inside yourself.

It’s said twin flames only reunite in the physical realm in their final lifetime, to then become enlightened together. I do not believe in this theory. There is only a handful that has become enlightened in the history of mankind. It would be very pretentious to think twin flames that physically unite are among those who achieve eternal inner peace while still living a human experience.

The physical union of twin flames does not directly relate to certain enlightenment. For that, much more needs to be done, or better said, undone.

Soulmates have a much more gentle path together. That doesn’t mean heartbreak cannot occur when soulmates decide to break up. But the grief and agony will never be as intense as when twin flames go their separate ways.

Personal and spiritual development can certainly still happen as a result of interactions with a soulmate. But the impact will be much more mellow and placid. It allows you to still be in control and determine the pace of your development. And if a breakup between soulmates occurs, the recovery will be easier and cause less of an emotional impact.

4. Twin flame true love

In the world we have all created together, love takes many shapes and forms. But nothing we have created on this earth comes even close to true unconditional love. A twin flame can open the door to love beyond this world unlike anyone else can.

Because a twin flame shows you the way to your origin, to what you were before you first separated from the source and took on a human body, you have the opportunity to learn to see and experience love from a place of union, of Oneness.

You learn this through suffering, unlearning beliefs and behaviors, and detaching your happiness from your external world. And once you’ve achieved that you’ll be able to see your twin flame for what he or she really is, without judgment. The love you will feel for your twin flame won’t come from an obsessive need anymore, instead, it will feel free, detached, and limitless.

The beautiful thing is that once you’ve learned how to see and experience your twin flame like this, you can start to work on loving everyone around you the same way.

Soulmates don’t usually expose you to this kind of love. They don’t force you into transcending dualistic and egocentric love. That doesn’t mean it cannot happen. Ultimately, anything can trigger a spiritual awakening. But certain types of events in your life are more likely to set off this awakening than others and the meeting and separation of a twin flame definitely is one of them.

5. Twin flame last lifetime

The encounter of your twin flame can bring about a forced and rapid spiritual awakening. But it’s a myth that all twin flames that end up together physically will become enlightened together. This cannot be further from the truth. And it shows how strong the grip of the ego is, even on people who consider themselves to be spiritually advanced.

If you unite in the physical with your twin flame that does not automatically imply this will be your last lifetime. A twin flame is a very powerful trigger to ignite your spiritual awakening but enlightenment is only for the few who achieve this union, not only with the twin flame but with their entire external surroundings. And that includes absolutely everyone they come across in their life, both physically and mentally.

It’s dangerous to glorify the experience of having a twin flame. I see so many people believing they are more special and that somehow they are on a mission to save the world together with their twin flame. This belief is a clear indication of quite a limited spiritual development as it’s easy to see how it promotes separation instead of union. It glorifies and elevates themselves above the world, and often they are incapable of perceiving this themselves.

Thus, both twin flames and soulmates can spend their last lifetime together. Because becoming enlightened does not depend on who you spend your life with. It purely depends on your belief and perception of the universe.

If you manage to reach a state of eternal inner peace and see and experience the world in and around you for what it really is, then you’ll be well on your way to enlightenment. And it will not matter whether you’re living in solitude, you’ve met a soulmate, or you’re sharing that last lifetime with your twin flame.

Can you have a twin flame and a soulmate?

It’s possible to have both a twin flame and a soulmate in the same life. In fact, if you have a twin flame most likely you also share that same life with one or more soulmates. But the opposite is not true. Everyone has several soulmates and chances are very high that you will cross paths with at least one of them in the life you’re living right now. But not everyone has a twin flame, and most people will never have a twin flame experience simply because they do not have a twin flame.

After so many years on this journey, I am convinced that demystifying the twin flame concept is important. The idolization of the twin flame journey has caused enough suffering. People are ruining their lives because they are not able to move on, just because they have become infatuated by their twin flame. Their days are ruled by a quiet and very unhealthy obsession that is fed by the online twin flame community.

The reality is very simple; Live life now, live life here, and if you indeed have a twin flame there is nothing you can change about that, and destiny will bring you together sooner or later. In the meantime, maybe you meet a soulmate that could share a big part of your life to build a very gratifying adventure together.

Which is better twin flame or soulmate?

What if you’ve met your twin flame and also crossed paths with a soulmate? Which would be better for you? By now I hope you understand it’s all relative to your situation and the objectives you have in life.

A twin flame can open a shortcut to massive spiritual growth and inner peace but you won’t get there without intense suffering. And a soulmate can help you to create a much more gentle ride, with lower highs and higher lows. And with a reduced potential to find yourself with as much spiritual growth as you would likely go through on a twin flame journey.

In the end, it doesn’t matter, both bring about moments and experiences in your life you can use to learn and grow, and bring you closer to a peaceful state of mind and a place of calm and happy serenity. What does matter and will lead you to make big leaps in your personal and spiritual development is how you react to these unique encounters in your mind.

Ultimately, the growth you undergo does not come from what happens in your external world. It comes from your mind and how you react to that external world in your mind. So, whether you’ve met your twin flame or soulmate, remember that you will still be your number one priority, and only when you’re at peace with and within yourself can you be at peace with others.

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