How everything happened at the same time

by Martijn
How everything happened at the same time

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What if I told you everything that you experience in your life has already happened? As well as everything that you still need to experience in the future has already happened? What if I told you everything that humanity has experienced and will ever experience actually happened at the exact same time? A few years ago I would have laughed and disregarded this theory immediately. But a few years later I’m convinced this is is a fact. So just hear me out and think about the consequences it has.

How everything happened at the same time

Everything happened at the same time because it was part of the projection of the collective mind. This projection created an illusory timeline in the void of everything there is. We are part of that timeline and experience it in a chronological order which makes it appear that past present and future exist in different moments in time. While in reality they just exist as a thought in the collective mind.

Time is an illusion, nothing happens outside of the mind

I think we can all agree that time must have a beginning. And that everything that has a beginning must have an end. So, where does time come from? As mentioned before, it is a construct of the collective mind to put some order in the projections that were produced by one single thought of this collective mind. And in this one thought, all lives you have lived are contained. The beginning of the universe and also the end of the universe, everything is included in this one single thought.

We perceive time as real, not realizing that we are also part of the same thought and we are just as unreal as time is. We live only in thought in the collective mind and experience it as a dualistic material life with a beginning, growth in the middle, leading to death. Which leads to the end of that particular life. But in reality, all events happened at the same time in the same collective mind, as one single thought that was projected outward. And is experienced by billions of separate entities only on our planet alone.

The implications of the non-existence of time

The implications of the non-existence of time are tremendous. Because it means that everything that we experience here has already happened. And already has a certain outcome and even means that you already had the thoughts you’re having right now. You just are experiencing them for the first time. Or at least that’s how you perceive it.

But the implications go much further than that. Because if time does not exist and it is an illusion, then also change cannot exist and must be an illusion. Because change is measured in time. There is no other way to measure change. And if there is no change, what is left of our world in the way we know it? That means we need to change the perception of who we are and that there must be a changeless nature that we carry within ourselves at all times. And if the core of who and what we are is eternal and changeless, how do we connect with that part of ourselves in a world that is ruled by time and change. In a world of time, how do we perceive and understand the eternal? And is this even possible?

All events in time are connected

Let’s go back for a moment to the illusion that we are living in. Because that’s most likely still the thing that you are most interested in at the moment. If all events in the history of the universe, as well as the future of the universe, happened at the same time. Included in one single thought of the collective mind, then that must mean that all events in time are connected. This is also how you can explain psychic abilities, clairvoyance, knowing things from the past, past lives, or from future events in your own life or the life of other people, you haven’t even met before.

Now, to be able to access that information in the collective mind you first have to learn how to access the collective mind. And also how to translate the information from the collective mind into words that you can understand and make sense of. You don’t do this by performing special rituals or specific meditations. In fact, you don’t do this at all. There is nothing you need to do to access the collective mind. Because you are still there. What you need to do, is to break down all the barriers to the realization that you are already there and have access to absolutely all information about this universe in the past, present, and future.

How to use the illusion of time to your benefit

And that is the hard part and that does take a lot of work. But for me breaking down this illusion of time and understanding that everything is just the result of one simple thought in the collective mind somehow brings me peace. Because it means that everything that I still need to go through and that I still need to experience, in reality, has already happened. And I survived it because I still continue to be alive in the collective mind. Not as a physical human being, not as part of the material world, but as the projector of this material world. As the one that initiated the possibility of all these different perceptions through one projected thought.

In life, there’s only one thing certain and that is that it will end. And until that day arrives we all desperately try to survive. It’s really ironic to think that we all try to avoid for as long as possible the one thing that is 100% inevitable for everyone. But when you let that go and you become more and more aware of who and what you really are, and that also death is an illusion, over time more and more you will start to identify with your true reality of Spirit, united in one with God in Heaven.

When you know that you cannot die you become fearless and it provides you a sense of freedom, even while experiencing this dualistic universe in a body that in reality does not even exist. When you can go through life with the knowledge that you will be alright in the end, it provides you with a foundation of peace, calm, and tranquility that cannot be disturbed by anything that appears to happen to you in the material world.

It will provide you mental clarity in moments of stress, in moments that you seem to be under attack, either physically or verbally. And also moments of sadness and grief. And little by little your happiness and inner peace will stop depending on your external circumstances, and will be solely based on the changeless identity you carry within and share with everyone.

The return to the eternal presence of being

And this is how you can live in the eternal presence of being while you still experience the body in the material universe around you. But to be able to reach that perception of reality you are required to do a lot of work. Not until you can see the physical world with your eyes but know that that is not the true reality you live in, you will have to be extremely vigilant of your thoughts and how you perceive the world around you and the things that appear to happen to you.

Whenever you see something and you judge it as real, as a true physical object or person. You have already stepped out of your eternal presence of being Spirit. By no means have I mastered this vision of the world. But I do my work every single day. To lose judgment and to see the world for what it really is. And I see the results in the way I handle certain situations, and inner peace has become more of a standard for my daily state of being.

So, to see this progress is very motivating and very soothing at the same time because I know and I feel deep inside that the work I’m doing is bringing me closer to the true perception of reality, which can only provide eternal peace.

But still, I catch myself sometimes thinking that returning to this eternal changeless state would cause me to lose something instead of gaining something. And probably that’s the hardest part to get over. To realize that being present in a human body and identifying with the human body and the material world is actually a step down from your true reality and who you really are.

This means that our belief in physical reality made us lose something and diminished our true identity to just a tiny little fragment of what we are. And when you manage to briefly connect with the vision of Spirit it is undeniable that that is the only state that we would ever want to be in. There are only feelings of joy, happiness, completion, and contentment, satisfaction, happiness. And the moment I manage to perceive life from that point of view I know that’s what I want to feel forever.

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