When THIS Happens Your Life is About to Change

by Martijn
When THIS Happens Your Life is About to Change

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I’ve had many moments in my life I’ve been able to manifest exactly what I wished for but only recently when I did it again, I understood what always happens right before the things you desire show up in your life, sometimes even out of the blue.

Before I tell you what that thing is and how you can actually make it happen yourself you must understand that everything in your life is your manifestation. Life responds to how you feel and what you believe in, not to what you wish for.

I Was a Master Manifester

When I was still a teenager I didn’t know that. At least not consciously. But I was a master manifester, I was one of the biggest talents in volleyball in the world and I had one goal; being part of the national team and playing at the Olympics. Nothing could stop me from reaching that goal, not even being fired from my team at 18 years old.

Nothing could faze me. I didn’t know it back then but I was a master in manifestation. I was able to not only visualize a certain event, I could feel it, live it, and be it, just in my mind. I observed everything, was aware of everything in my surroundings, and was fully present, while at the same time, my mind was living in the future.

That’s how I made it happen, I made my debut on the national team in 1999, and I did go to the Olympics in Sydney.

Life Took the Lead

But then life happened. I met my first girlfriend and life changed. I started to feel pressure, lost my confidence, got a severe shoulder injury, and in about a year I went from being one of the biggest prospects in volleyball to someone who didn’t live up to the expectations.

I continued to play until I was 29 but never got back to the level I had when I was just 20 years old. My mind got in my way. and it took me a very very very long time to understand how that all happened. With hard work, I managed to make a career for myself in the corporate world. But I did that while dealing with anxiety, a lack of confidence and self-esteem, a lot of insecurities about myself and my abilities and capabilities, and overall feeling pretty bad about myself and my life.

I didn’t feel any passion or drive for anything, except for personal and spiritual development. Because I still remembered how I once was this master manifester and I wanted to learn how to bring that back, how to be able to do it again. But this time consciously.

Real-Life Examples of Manifestation

Every once in a while I had a small success, like when I wanted to get a specific job in Barcelona. Even before having job interviews, I remember I went to see an apartment, and I even almost signed the rental contract. Just so I could live and feel what I was like to be and move there. In just a few months’ time that worked and I got the exact job I wanted and was able to move to Barcelona.

But, even then, I didn’t know what I was doing to make it happen.

Another time I manifested exactly what I wished for was 7 years ago. I asked God for true love, and a few months later I met an amazing girl and life was great for a few months. But then fear and doubts entered my mind again and she broke up with me and disappeared.

That event started a very dark period in my life. I got sucked into negative beliefs and, of course, they all played out in my life as I was afraid they would. All the while, I continued my search for spiritual growth and I learned a lot. I found peace within but something was still missing.

Then by the end of April this year, another manifestation occurred. I finally had a viral video, the one that most of you brought you here, on the English channel. But why did it blow up one and a half years after I published it? There had to be a reason, and I knew the reason was not out there or in the Youtube algorithm. The reason was inside of my own mind.

This Always Happens Before Manifestations Come to Fruition

So, I looked back at all the times I managed to manifest something in my life that I truly desired. And I discovered that, without exception, in all of the circumstances the one thing that happened just before everything would come to fruition was that I was feeling in love. Not with anyone in particular, but I was feeling in love. In love with myself, with life itself.

Then, studying others, and listening to your stories, struggles, and successes, I found this is the one common sign for everyone. When you feel in love with life, you are fully present and have an indestructible faith that what your future will bring to you is good, you will manifest your desires sooner than later.

Now, of course, I wanted to know how to make this happen at will. So, I deconstructed my mind and how I was functioning, feeling, and thinking in the months leading up to the manifestation of my wishes. And I found five common traits that were always present in these moments. Knowing and understanding these will allow you to consciously start building a life filled with wonderful manifestations.

The Five Key Ingredients For Manifestation

Here’s how you do it:

  1. You need to be aligned in body, mind, and soul. This means that what you think, feel, say, and do must be in alignment. And there must be a balance between the three. Too much focus on one might pull you out of harmony and make it more difficult to manifest your desires.
  2. You must be open to all possibilities. And, while you’re open to all possibilities you are focused on one main outcome. This outcome must not be a specific thing, place, or person, it must be a feeling. When you pursue a feeling you need to be open to all possibilities because there are plenty of ways to get that same feeling and being open to just one possibility might make you miss the manifestation while it’s right in front of you.
  3. You must be fully present. Live in the moment and be aware of everything. When you are present your senses heighten and you are able to experience the moment to the fullest. Use all your senses to experience life. Observe everything, and react to nothing. Your presence allows you to generate the feeling you want to feel from within. And when you feel as if your wish was already fulfilled you can only be present because that’s where joy and happiness are.
  4. You must accept everything. This is a direct consequence of being fully present. When you believe you are the creator of your life, you must accept what you created. Observe everything, and react to nothing. You must switch from a reactive way of living to a proactive way of creating life. If you don’t like what you created, accept it. Because it might just be what you need to manifest your desire.
  5. Trust the process. You already know the outcome, you can feel it because you are it. In your mind and feelings, you are already there. And when you are already there in body, mind, and soul, your physical reality has to adapt to that. Don’t let yourself be fooled by what your eyes tell you. The vision of your mind is stronger if you believe it. Remember, observe everything, and react to nothing.

These are the five most important ingredients for manifesting the life of your dreams. Of course, it’s not as easy as it might seem, and there are many small details that matter a lot. I’ll talk more about those in future articles.

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