6 Good Spiritual Habits for an Exceptional Life

by Martijn
6 Good Spiritual Habits for an Exceptional Life

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When thinking about good spiritual habits, it’s very easy to get lost in things that are more related to personal development than anything else. They can be fantastic, but I’ve come to see on my spiritual journey for over 12 years that spiritual habits go much deeper than that. True spiritual habits will always lead you to inner peace.

Good spiritual habits are habits that in one way or another always steer you in the direction of inner peace. Eventually, they can help you to induce a state of mind that can facilitate your enlightenment, which is the ultimate spiritual goal for all living beings. Studying myself and countless other people going through their spiritual undertakings, I’ve identified the 6 most common good spiritual habits that you should definitely aim to adopt for yourself if you’d like to boost your spiritual growth.

These 6 great spiritual habits have the power to change your life all on their own. Just imagine what they will do for you if you manage to embrace them for yourself, and make them all a part of your life. The benefits for yourself and the people around you are endless.

What are good spiritual habits?

Good spiritual habits are not limited to the ones mentioned in this episode. Ultimately anything can be a spiritual habit because it depends on the state of mind you are in when you go about the particular routine you’ve made your own.

However, it should be fairly easy to understand that anything that disturbs your mind and drives you away from your innate peace and calmness does not usually make a good spiritual habit. Therefore, it’s much more common to see habits being perceived as good spiritual habits by most people when it forces your mind to go inward. So you can find the tranquility, peace, and stability that you carry within.

Remember you have the capacity to find the required state of mind to implement all of these habits in your life very easily. But for you to be able to apply them consistently you first need to have the unwavering willingness to live a more spiritual life.

Take care of your well-being

The first good spiritual habit to adopt is to take care of your well-being. It’s simply common sense, if you have a healthy body and mind it will be much easier to not be disturbed by external circumstances.

Any kind of physical exercise is great to get the blood flowing, and if you add a healthy diet you are creating an environment for yourself in which your true spiritual Self has the opportunity to shine through in everything you do throughout your day.

Add to that a comfortable environment and a calm, strong, and sane mind and you will set yourself up for tremendous spiritual growth not too long from now.

Be open to inspiration

Once you are consistently taking care of your well-being you are able to consciously open up for the second good spiritual habit, and that is to be open to inspiration.

You see, what you really are is Spirit. When you feel inspired, it means you are in Spirit, in connection with Spirit, in connection with who and what you are in the core of your being. To live an exceptional life full of purpose and meaning you need to be in touch with your Spirit. And the only way to do that is to be quiet, detach yourself from your external circumstances, and let yourself be inspired.

Trust you will get that inspiration because it is already there within you.

Create space in your mind

It’s much easier to get and be inspired when your mind is at ease and when you are able to use the third good spiritual habit, create space in your mind. The more space in your mind, the more inspired you will feel because the outside world is losing its grip on you.

When you live an inspired life, you live a proactive life, creating from within, from the deep connection with your Self and your inner desires. Instead of a reactive life, countering every external situation you come across and letting your inner peace be governed by those circumstances.

Practice gratitude

Once you are living that inspired life it’s time for the fourth good spiritual habit, to practice gratitude. Since now you know the creative life force that lets you live in Spirit is coming from within, it should be clear to you that the practice of gratitude is also aimed internally.

You are not grateful for things, people, or situations. You are grateful for the opportunity they provide to you to see how these things, people, and situations are affecting your mind and inner peace. If your inner peace is not disturbed by your outer circumstances, you are living a truly spiritual life.

Be compassionate

When you have learned to be grateful in the spiritual way you have the opportunity to be genuinely compassionate, without a hidden personal agenda.

Now, even when, at first sight, someone does not deserve your compassion because he or she maybe didn’t treat you well you now are grateful for the chance to see yourself through that other person. And you can see the other person for what they are too. You see through their flaws and feel true compassion because you recognize they are on the same path as you are.

Treat others the way you want to be treated

And when finally you see yourself for what you are, and you see others for what they are you will be able to treat others the way you want to be treated. At first, you might think this is not a spiritual habit but when you look at it from the inspired perspective of Spirit you come to understand that you start to treat everyone for who they really are, and not for what they might have done to you at some point in life.

You treat others well, not because they have earned it through interactions in your external world but because you recognize who they are within. And that we are all the same in the end.

These 6 good spiritual habits have allowed me to live a much more fulfilling and extraordinary life and I hope they can serve you too. So you too can start living that exceptional life you deserve.

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