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by Martijn
How do you gain spiritual understanding - No BS spirituality

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It took me quite a few years to gain a clear understanding of what spirituality really is and how to use and apply it in my daily life. And the more I speak to other people, the more I realize that there is a big misconception of what spiritual understanding actually is and how to see everything in this world from a spiritual perspective. So, let’s have a look at what I learned after more than 11 years on my spiritual journey.

How do you gain spiritual understanding?

Gaining a spiritual understanding of everything in life is quite simple. It is to see and understand that everyone and everything is Spirit.

To achieve this vision is a bit more complicated. Here are 7 things you need to do to gain spiritual understanding.

  1. Realizing what spiritual understanding is
  2. Perceive anything with spiritual understanding
  3. Letting go of specialness to connect spiritually
  4. Learning how to judge spiritually
  5. Seeing everything as Spirit
  6. Becoming one with the Universe
  7. Living in the world but being in Spirit

Realizing what spiritual understanding is

To gain a spiritual understanding of your life and anything that happens in it, you first need to know what it actually means to have a spiritual understanding.

It’s pretty simple but very different from how most people understand spirituality.

We often make a big deal out of spirituality. We associate it with rituals and specific things to do or say, in specific places or with specific people. But spirituality is nothing more than to simply see everyone as Spirit, including yourself and everything else you lay your eyes upon in this material universe.

And spiritual understanding is nothing more than to see everything you see with your eyes, but also everything you think and feel within yourself, as Spirit.

This sounds very simple, but in reality, for most people, it will be the most complicated thing to do in their life. While at the same time, it is something everyone will do sooner or later. For some, it will not happen in this life. Others will make a start, and a few will complete their dualistic adventure and achieve enlightenment.

How to perceive anything with spiritual understanding

So, how do you actually perceive anything with spiritual understanding? It’s one thing to feel deep within that it’s true that what you really are is Spirit. But it’s a completely different thing to really perceive yourself as Spirit all the time.

It’s not so difficult to get glimpses of it. Maybe while being in deep meditation. Or simply through some brief insights and moments of inspiration. But the challenge is to identify with Spirit all the time. Even when you are in situations of stress, apparent danger, or deep grief.

So, to be able to perceive anything with a spiritual understanding you need to change your identity. From identifying with your body and who you believe to be in your body, to identifying with Spirit and who you know to be deep within yourself.

This is not an easy task. But it’s a very gratifying path to walk because it will bring you a deep inner peace that will last much longer than the time you spend meditating. It’s a sort of peace that will be anchored deep within yourself. And you’ll be able to use it throughout the remainder of your life.

Letting go of specialness to connect spiritually

To get to that point I learned that there are a few things everyone has to do. And, just like you, I am on my way to mastering these things. But, by no means am I able to do it all the time. Although I do think that I’ve been doing it long enough to see some very substantial changes in myself and the way I approach life in general.

And I can say that it truly makes all the difference. Inner peace has become something normal to experience for me. And I’ve found it’s a much more stable sort of peace that doesn’t depend on what is happening in my life.

One of the first things I learned to do is to let go of specialness. It’s mostly unconscious for most of us. But we tend to make everything special. We assign certain importance to some people or things over other people and things. And often we attach our happiness to them.

Which then, inevitably, is destroyed once we lose it. And loss is a given in the material, dualistic world we live in. Stopping to see people or things as special will provide you with a coping mechanism for when you experience loss in your life.

Learning how to judge spiritually

It’s important to make a distinction between not seeing anything as special and liking someone more than another person. Or to prefer certain things over others.

Of course, you can have your preferences. And you can and should enjoy certain things and people more than others. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and it’s a perfectly normal thing to do.

It all comes down to detachment. Detachment is to change your judgment about things, not to change your likes and preferences.

As a human being, it’s inevitable to judge. But as Spirit, it’s impossible to judge. So the art is to judge spiritually while still believing you are a human being. In the end, it’s the only judgment you’ll ever want to make about anything.

You can like or dislike someone. But as long as your final judgment about that person is to see him or her as Spirit you are judging spiritually, while you can still have your preferences.

Seeing everything as Spirit

Seeing everything as Spirit completely will only be possible when you understand that the entire universe is just an illusion. And that it’s something that only occurs as a perception in your mind.

Nothing that we believe is material actually really exists as an object or living being. They are all perceptions of the mind. Simple projections of what we believe to be true. So, when you change your beliefs about the world and manage to completely adopt the belief that what you are is Spirit and nothing but Spirit you will be able to see everything else as Spirit too.

People that walk the path of this type of spirituality make the mistake to believe they see themselves as Spirit all the time. But at the same time, they still treat the things around them as if they were separate from them. As if they were not Spirit.

So, that’s a great way to check with yourself if you continue to see the world with a true spiritual understanding. Do you see everyone and everything as separate from yourself? Or do you see them as one, united with you, in Spirit?

Becoming one with the universe

And that is how you become one with the entire universe. At first, it’s extremely difficult to even grasp how to achieve this type of spiritual understanding of the world.

How do you even start to believe that something you can touch and feel with your fingers only exists in your mind as a perception of a belief system you adopted?

Of course, you can only do this by disidentifying yourself as a body and an individual being. So, changing with who and what you identify, from the body to Spirit.

The more you identify with Spirit, the easier it will get to detach emotionally from what is happening to you in this world. You’ll still be able to enjoy things. Actually even more than before. But you’re not attached to it anymore. Because you know it’s not real. And it’s just a perception of the mind while in reality, you are one with the entire universe.

Not because all the seemingly separate things have the same core identity as Spirit. But because this core identity as Spirit is the only thing that exists.

Living in the world but being in Spirit

I know this might seem impossible to achieve. And let’s be honest, most of us will not achieve to do it in this lifetime. But it is possible for everyone to live in this material, dualistic world while completely identifying with and as Spirit.

It doesn’t mean we are going to sit somewhere in nature, in a cave, meditating and living off of the air we breathe, levitating somewhere in between the physical world and the 96th dimension, being totally disconnected from the world around us.

No, it means being completely present within your body. In every interaction with the people around you. Embracing the moment and being fully present in the love and deep inner knowing that we are all the same. That we only appear to exist separately but that through love we are all equal and united in Spirit.

And when I look at you, I might like you or dislike you, but I love you the same. Because I am looking at myself. I am looking at Spirit, projected as a separate being. But the projection doesn’t change what you are. And it doesn’t change our true identity as Spirit.

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