They cannot kill us | We are eternal life

by Martijn
They cannot kill us

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In the past few months, I’ve been posting new episodes on Youtube and Spotify that were linked to already written articles on my blog. But I did not feel the inspiration to write anything new. I’ve been worried, and also disappointed to see how half the world has been lining up to freely give up their health and freedom, in return for a false promise of the restoration of normal life, as it was back in 2019. And it seemed somewhat useless to write about anything without addressing the current state of the world.

But this week, after some deep reflections and a long conversation with my best friend, I believe I found the inspiration to address the current events in a world that is torn up by hatred, deceived by lies and misinformation, and driven by fear.

This has to stop. They cannot kill us.

They cannot kill us

You see, we’ve been programmed to forget our true reality. So we can be manipulated and live in fear. To comply and give up our freedom. Propaganda has taken over true journalism, big tech and social media have normalized a society that censures itself. And anti-hate movements have segregated the world’s population into non-existent genders, races, and sexual orientations. And of course, a non-existent threat to people’s health is creating modern-day segregation between the woke, the deceived, and the oblivious.

But they forgot one thing. They can take away our jobs, our money, our food, our right to free speech, they can try to eliminate our freedom, and even take our lives. But, they cannot kill us.

Spirit does not die

We’re at a historic turning point in human history. We’re still in time to remember who we are and the power that lies within us. But the commodities of modern life, instant satisfaction culture, and devious social conditioning have created a society that is willing to destroy itself just to maintain short-term benefits.

We need to wake up to a new reality in which we have to reconsider these privileges of today, so humanity can live in freedom tomorrow. We urgently need people to rise and be willing to risk their comfort in return for the world’s liberty.

And understanding that even when you leave your physical body you cannot die, is the key to freeing yourself from the fear that holds you back from claiming your freedom of choice and movement in this world. Are you willing to take your personal responsibility and stand up for humanity, while being firmly anchored in Spirit? Or will you allow yourself to live with an infiltrated mind, as a slave to the mercy of a few sick and fearful people that are driven by hatred, greed, and misplaced power?

The answer lies deep within you, and can only be found when you grant yourself the time and silence to find it. And when you do, you will know that Spirit does not die.

We are all united in Spirit. And in Spirit, we have the power to overcome even the most hopeless of situations.

They cannot kill us.

Join with Spirit meditation

So, please join me in Spirit in this meditation to overcome the fear of losing your body, and reclaim your innate potential, power, and sovereignty so we can all unite as one and protect our freedom.

Envision yourself anywhere you feel comfortable. In front of you, there’s an altar.

Feel the presence of fear within you. What is holding you back from doing what resonates with your heart? What is keeping you from seeing the truth?

Now, take that and place it on the altar. Everything that is not yours. Lay it on the altar. So your hands are empty, your mind is clear, and your heart is pure.

Look at the altar, and see all the things you identified with are now right there in front of you. Envision a bright white light starting to emanate from the altar. And watch how slowly but surely, this light expands further and further, absorbing everything in it. So all you can see is light.

The altar is now not visible anymore and the light continues to spread beyond everything you can see with your physical eyes, beyond the bodies, beyond the earth, solar system, and galaxies, a bright shining light that stretches as far as you can see. Everything fills with this light, the boundaries disappear, and what is in the light is not limited any longer.

The light expands and encloses everything, extending endlessly into eternity, never losing its brightness and with no separation in any place. Within this light, everything is joined as one in perfect union, with no possibility to think of anything outside of this light as it is all-encompassing.

Now, step into this light. And experience yourself becoming one with it.

It is the true perception of the Son of God, whose identity is very familiar to you. It is the vision of you who acknowledges your Father. It is your remembrance of what you are, a ray of light with all the light within itself, united in all the light as all the light is united in you.

It is your perfect Oneness with God, be grateful for this opportunity to join with Him and remain in this state of eternal peace, joy, and happiness for as long as you can.

What is there to fear when you are eternal? Freedom is yours forever, it can never be taken from you. Because you are eternal life.

Please, share this message with the world. We need it.

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