This Changed Everything For Me (You Can Do It Too!)

by Martijn
This Changed Everything For Me (You Can Do It Too!)

What you will find in this article

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This week we’ll continue talking about radical responsibility, how it has changed my life completely, and why it’s so important on your path of personal and spiritual development. By the end of this article, you’ll understand what radical responsibility is, what it entails, and exactly how to apply it in your life so you can take full responsibility for your experience in this life. And, eventually, feel happier and freer than ever before.

What Is Radical Responsibility

So many people have asked me, “How do I do it?”, “How do I put into practice what you teach?”. I’ve been thinking how I can best explain this and I don’t think there’s an easy way for everyone. Or, at least, not everyone will get it in the same way. This is also one of the reasons why the main message in most articles is always the same but explained in a different context. And that’s why some articles resonate with you, and others don’t.

But the core of everything I speak about is this: You are responsible for how you feel, always.

And how can you measure this? Simple. Ask yourself this: “Do I feel inner peace or not?”

If the answer is yes, you likely continue to take full responsibility for your perception of your external circumstances. If the answer is no, you have given away the responsibility of how you feel to the world around you.

This doesn’t mean you control everything that happens in your life or your body. But you do have full control over how you perceive it. Mastering the art of this type of radical responsibility is usually a life-long task. Most of us won’t achieve full mastery in this lifetime. But, everyone who is dedicated to their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being can reach a high level of self-mastery that allows them to obtain levels of inner peace they previously thought were impossible to experience.

Using The Current Moment To Evaluate Your State of Mind

Life itself is the perfect barometer, or better said, your state of mind is the ideal barometer for understanding how you are doing and what your future will hold for you. Not in your external circumstances but in your inner experience of these circumstances.

Are you able to maintain a high vibration? Even in challenging moments of stress, grief, or other emotional responses to the world around you that can pull you back into the rollercoaster of life? When you catch yourself trapped in low vibrational emotions, are you able to reset your mind and return to a higher vibration at will?

Do you go through life in a reactive mode, thinking that what you feel is a consequence of what you see? Or do you simply observe, understanding that what you see is a response to what you feel?

I’ve said it before in several previous articles now, and it’s becoming sort of a mantra for me lately. Observe everything, and react to nothing.

When you understand that what you observe is a reaction to your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and energetic vibration, and you start to live your life according to this knowledge everything will change.

How The Past Is Holding You Back

But most people live a reactive life and lead their life based on the past. The past events in their life have created thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and habits that in their turn have established an energetic imprint of their being that is based on past experiences. They live a past-present reality.

If your focus and attention are centered around your past, how can you expect to have a different future?

Past experiences are great to learn from and gain experience. In a sense, they give you certain wisdom and teach you how to react to your external environment. You learn and grow and hopefully, it helps you to avoid making mistakes you made in the past.

And, if you use them wisely, they can help you to shape your future. But you have to stay open-minded. Because when you limit your beliefs and expectations to what life has shown you in the past,  you will continue to live the same type of experiences over and over again. And you limit your possibilities for the future. That is how your past holds you back from living the life you want to live.

Remembering Your Future

So, you must break your energetic connection with the past when you want to change your life. How do you do this? You start living in your future-present reality. This means you align with the future you want to live in thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and habits.

That will cause a completely different energetic imprint on your external environment, opening doors to new possibilities and opportunities based on the future you want to live in and not on the past you have already experienced.

Let me give you an example. Almost everybody is familiar with the feeling of being in love. I think we can all agree that life feels easier and more fun when you’re in love, right?

Now, while most people live their life based on their past experiences, sometimes hope and imagination take over like when we’re in love with someone. You start to imagine future events together with that person, the future excites you and you feel happy in the moment, and simultaneously live with a feeling of anticipation. You love where you are now, but you cannot wait for the next moment you’ll share with your new love again.

You momentarily shifted from living in the past present reality to a future present reality.

And that’s how you create changes in your life. In reality, you’re not creating them, they already existed as a possibility in one of the almost infinite dimensions. And you energetically lined up with that possibility. That’s all.

My Recent Manifestations That Prove It

So, how do I know this is true? In hindsight, I knew this since I was very young. I lived my entire childhood and adolescence based on this knowledge. I wasn’t consciously aware of it. But I can still remember vividly how I lived my life in my mind back then.

Not too long ago, I consciously started working on getting back into that state of mind. A proactive mind, basing my thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behavior on what I desire to experience in my future and not on my past.

The great thing is, I already did it in the past. So, it was not uncharted terrain for me. But where in those years it was natural for me to live like that. Now I still need to make a conscious effort every day to remain in this future-present reality.

And there are so many little events in my life that happened this year that have proven to me that everything I explained in this article is all true. My change in energy and mindset has led to many little things I wished and desired to happen.

I’ve met new people that are much more aligned with how I see the future for myself. Some other relations have slowly changed and transitioned into a more distant relationships. On the other hand, I’m currently reconnecting or intensifying my connections with my family, which feels great and I wish for that to continue in the future as well.

Also, this project has been growing, I had my first viral video, the coaching sessions are going great and I’ve had to limit my availability in my calendar a bit to be able to keep up with it all. At the same time, the feedback from the clients is phenomenal. Also, I’m working on new things related to the project. And new people that seem to be very much aligned with my current vibe appear in my life. I’m truly excited to see what the future will bring and where these new connections will take me.

Although, it won’t be a total surprise. Because I’m just remembering my future.

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