Your Soul’s Journey Home to God

by Martijn
Your Soul's Journey Home to God

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You don’t have a soul, your soul has a human being, and this leads all the way back to God. God is not inside of you, you are in God. Not as a physical human being but as a thought.

Let me explain. When you dream, the dream only exists within your mind. That dream is inside of you. It doesn’t exist anywhere else. The same happens with our souls and God. We are the dream of our soul. And our soul is God’s dream. So, if we are part of a dream, an illusion, and the material world is one big dream, we don’t have anything, nothing belongs to us, instead, we belong to that what is dreaming of us.

We tend to appropriate our soul as if it were something we own. And as I was reflecting on this in the past few days I found it more and more interesting. Because the reality is that it couldn’t be further from the truth. Our soul has lived many different lives through many different bodies. Distinct experiences, but always the same soul, in continuous development. Yet, we, as human beings, only have one body, one life, and we will never experience the same thing ever again.

Then, if we take that back one more step. Our soul is not eternal either. It still is part of the illusion of the world. And just like our soul inhabits countless bodies over the span of hundreds or even thousands of human lives, God inhabits all souls for as long as they exist.

Therefore, we belong to our soul, our soul belongs to God, and only God is eternal. Thus, we belong to eternity.

The Eradication of Fear Through Presence

Only this knowledge should provide you with an instant sense of calm and peace. Almost everything we do from the moment we are born is trying to stay alive, to survive. It’s the one thing virtually everyone fights most for in life, to stay alive. Yet, everyone will eventually fail to do so. This thought is scary. Death scares most people. Ironically, it’s the people that feel most alive and live their life to the fullest that tend to not be afraid to die.

I remember when I was an Olympian athlete, I was living my best life and I was fully engaged in life. Present, in the moment, my mind was either actively visualizing future success or totally engaged in the present moment. And sometimes even both at the same time. And I had no doubts, no fear, and I would’ve been at peace if I died right at that moment.

We can all experience that same feeling, and all we need to do is to be here and now, in mind, body, and soul.

A few things you can do to become more present are:

  1. Disconnect from social media
  2. Connect with nature
  3. Exercise regularly
  4. Have a regular meditation practice
  5. Follow a healthy and balanced diet
  6. Remind yourself to stay present

These are just a few of the things you can do but there are plenty of things you can do to become more present, maybe I’ll create another episode specifically about that soon. But the most important thing is to remember that it’s all in your mind. In the end, it’s a decision you take in your mind.

Inner Peace Through the Realization of Your Eternal Reality

Another really important part is the realization of your eternal reality. We’re all so busy surviving and worried about not dying that we often forget to really live. So, if instead every day you can take some time for yourself to remind yourself and to feel deep within yourself that there is a part of you that will never die, it will give you a comforting and assuring feeling of peace.

You can break this down in a few parts. To make it easier, you first might want to think about your soul. When your body dies, and your personality dissolves into nothingness your soul lives on and, in most circumstances, will inhabit another body sooner or later. Most times you won’t remember but that doesn’t make it less true. Most of us also don’t remember the moment we were born but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

And then, once you manage to identify with your soul, beyond your body and identity in this lifetime, you can take it one step further and feel deep within yourself that even when your soul dies, it doesn’t really die. You don’t disappear into nothingness, you merge into “everythingness”. And that is God, that is home, that is enlightenment. Time and space will cease to exist. There will not be a start and an end to anything, every moment is “now”, changeless, life, bliss.

How to Help Your Soul on Its Journey Home

I hope you can start to see how you, as a physical human being, play a part in this journey your soul is undertaking. Your soul needs your cooperation to make it easier to find its way home again.

So, how can you help your soul to do this? As you’ve just seen, when your soul merges back into the Oneness of God, time ceases to exist. “Now” really means now, with no awareness of a past or future but knowledge of everything. Therefore, it’s only logical that your soul and yourself will benefit greatly from living in the now as much as possible. The more you are here, now, the easier it will be to align with that part of yourself that will never die, that part that is always present, not in time, not in space, it just is.

This is somewhat intangible but in our perception, things can only be tangible when they can be perceived in time and space. So, I can’t make this easier or more tangible for you. You just have to feel it by diving deep within yourself. And when you do, at some point you will start to feel and know that, although your soul is within you, and God is within your soul, they don’t belong to you. You belong to them, you belong to eternity. And where there is no time, eternity becomes “now”.

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