When it’s time for spirituality?

by Martijn
When it's time for spirituality?

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Everyone has different triggers to start learning more about spirituality. In my case, it was a breakup and an overall dissatisfaction with my life. Over the years it’s become pretty obvious to me what the top triggers are for most people and when it’s time for spirituality. But, there’s a bit more to it than it appears at first. Let’s have a look.

When it’s time for spirituality

The truth is it’s always a good time to start to implement spirituality in your life. Whether you feel good or bad or are conscious of you feeling bad or not. Spirituality when practiced truly will always add something positive to your life.

If you’re not sure about spirituality being something for you and something that you should implement in your life, you’re probably not sure because you simply haven’t tried it yet. Only the fact that you question yourself whether spirituality is something for you or not is a very clear indicator that indeed your time has come to explore the opportunity to implement spirituality into your life.

Even for people who feel happy and content with their life in the current moment spirituality would be a good addition to their life. However, most people come to spirituality through suffering, through some sort of transformation in their life that made them aware of the fact something is missing in their life. The trigger for change, any type of change, is almost always based on some sort of suffering.

Time for true spirituality

Taking this into account and understanding that suffering is the main trigger to start the spiritual journey for almost everyone in this world, you should understand the different types of spirituality that you can choose from. In my previous video, I explained the difference between new-age spirituality and true spirituality. You need to understand the differences so you can make a wise choice between the two.

To learn more about all the differences you can have a look at the other video. But, to keep it short, the new age spirituality is the type that most people start with and it is a good step towards true spirituality. But it’s also important to know that even when practicing this new age spirituality, and you can think of practicing meditation, yoga, chanting mantras, wearing crystals, going to retreats, and all those kinds of things, they will not end your search. They are just the beginning. They can definitely bring a great deal of joy into your life but none of these things will end the cycle of suffering.

The difference between normal spirituality and true spirituality

The normal type of spirituality that most people start with is based on fear, is based on individuality, and is based on personal development. All suffering comes from the feeling of lack and a feeling of deep inner fear. As long as this fear is consciously or unconsciously cultivated and the feeling of lack is being built up instead of broken down, ending the cycle of suffering will be completely impossible.

On the other hand, true spirituality is based on the cultivation of Oneness and the understanding of Spirit and the nature of Spirit. When you start to understand that you are not the body, that you are not even the soul, but that what you really are is pure Spirit, the same Spirit as your brother’s around you, you will first still have an initial fear. The fear of losing your identity, of maybe even losing your body, but the more and more convinced you become of your eternal reality as Spirit, the fear subsides and is replaced by peace.

The inevitable start of your spiritual journey

Let’s go back to the original question of when it’s time for spirituality. When should you start with your spiritual journey? In the end, of course, this is up to you. You have the power of choice. You can take that decision anytime. Something really interesting for you to know is that in fact, you have already chosen to walk your spiritual path, your true spiritual path. The lives we live here on earth are just a repetition of what has already been projected.

Remember that, in reality, we are Spirit, we are nothing but Spirit. What we experience here is just a misconception of the mind. And you can choose to end the misconception anytime you want. Any time of the day, anytime when it feels good to you. The problem is that often it will not feel good to you because of that initial fear of losing your identity. But you are Spirit and nothing but Spirit, and every time you manage to identify fully with only Spirit, you will find deep within yourself you cannot escape from that glorious feeling of peace and joy that is inherent to who you really are.

And sooner or later you will take that decision to walk the path back to who and what you really are. It’s just a matter of time, and why wait when you can take that decision now? Why would you want to continue to be attached to a world in which suffering is maintained artificially by a false attachment of the mind to those things and people we believe we need?

I can’t promise you that the start will be easy. But after five years of walking this path and practicing this spiritual belief system daily, I can tell you that it gets much much easier. And even in the most difficult circumstances of your life, you will be able to feel balanced and peaceful inside.

Clarity and peace come with true spirituality

You will be able to think and act more clearly, with much more clarity in your mind and in your thoughts. Your approach to other people will become more based on compassion and love and understanding. And not so much on your own needs.

The choice to walk the spiritual path was already made a long time ago. Now you have the choice to walk it now or just a little bit later. And you know what? The timing is always right. You can never decide too late to start with spirituality. Therefore, now is always a good moment. There will be no repercussions for you if you start later than you think you maybe should’ve. Maybe it just means that you were mentally not prepared for it, that you were not ready. And that’s okay.

Maybe you need to walk this new age spirituality path, just like I did, for a few years. To come to a point where you’re ready to take the next step to true spirituality. And that’s fine. There is nothing you can do wrong and the timing will always be perfect for you to take this step that will bring you to the end of the cycle of suffering and to the beginning of peace.

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