The Power of Feeling

by Martijn
The Power of Feeling

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Overwhelmed by Thoughts and Emotions

So many people are struggling to control their thoughts, they get overwhelmed by emotions, and often feel hopeless and lost in life. Wouldn’t it be nice to change all of that and feel calm and peaceful? Feel in control of your thoughts and be able to direct your emotions where you want them to go?

Here’s the thing, you can.

Even when you think it’s completely impossible. Every human being can do this. That means you can do it too. So, let’s dive right into it so you can start taking control of your mind as well.

The Cycle of Beliefs-Thoughts-Emotions

What came first? The belief or the thought? I guess that it was the thought. Because thoughts create emotions, emotions create more thoughts and repetitive thoughts create beliefs. And then, beliefs create thoughts and the whole cycle repeats itself over and over again.

You can see how important it is to gain control over your thoughts because, in the short term, they determine how you feel and what emotions you experience. And in the long run, they establish your beliefs. And your beliefs are a huge part of who you are and how you behave in the world. They dictate your fears, your addictions, and your entire outlook on life.

So, controlling your thoughts is extremely important in this entire process. Control in itself is a very interesting concept that we will talk more about in the future. Because, the more you seem to try to control something, the more it seems to be out of your control. The tighter the grip, the more tension there is, and the less wiggle room to sustain what you are trying to control.

That’s why when you mentally let go of control, you regain control. Because it’s not something out there, it’s an inner experience. And with less tension and anxiety about losing it, the sensation of control comes back to your mind.

Emotions Are Not Feelings

But there’s something more powerful than gaining control over your thoughts. And that is to simply feel.

You see, feelings are often described as emotions. I also use these words interchangeably all the time. But there’s another type of feeling.

Let’s go back to the very moment you were born. You don’t know any language yet, so you can’t think. You can’t repeat thoughts to create beliefs yet, but you do display emotions all the time. So, there must be something else besides your thoughts that creates emotions. Babies have more of an experiential perception of life than we do as adults. They are more in touch with their feelings, a much deeper feeling.

This type of feeling is the subtle energy below all of the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, you only feel them when you quiet down your thoughts and beliefs, something that babies don’t have to do because they don’t have any thoughts yet.

Thus your emotions calm down and you open a space to feel your authentic feelings beyond everything you learned. And your existence becomes more experiential, with more openness to whatever outcome lies ahead of you.

Feeling to Heal the Past, Enjoy the Present and Create the Future

This is why feeling is the key to healing trauma from the past. Because when you feel, you let go of any previously obtained knowledge. You just experience the feeling and have the power to create new thoughts and new beliefs that change your perception of the past. And so you heal your past.

The same happens when you feel in the now. Because the present moment becomes much more exciting, it feels fresh and new, and you feel excitement to continue to explore the experience of the now. This automatically creates that openness we spoke about before. Endless opportunities to perceive the present moment in a different light.

And when you experience the present moment in that way, your future doesn’t have to resemble your past anymore. You can create anything you like, anything you wish, and anything you desire because, in that moment of experience, there is no past and no future. Just the experience of being.

Thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are all very important in the process of the creation of your reality. But the act of feeling is the secret that gives power to these thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. When you can feel more than you think, more than you believe, and more than you sense your emotions, an entire world of opportunities opens up for you.

How to Feel More

It’s easy to explain how to feel more. But it’s not that easy to understand it when you’re completely absorbed by your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Because you believe that without them, you don’t exist, you fear letting go of them because you believe you will lose yourself.

This brings us back to the paradox of control we spoke about before. The more you let go of control, the more control you gain. So, take this very seriously and let go of your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Just for a moment. I promise nothing bad will happen to you. Just sit and feel. Don’t imagine you are feeling anything. Do nothing.

Nothing but to feel who and what you are beyond your five senses.

Don’t tell yourself you cannot do it. You’ve done it before, you just have to remember it, that’s all. Forget about all the stories you’ve told yourself. Just feel, it’s the easiest thing in the world. You can’t not do it. You just have to get rid of all the things that block you from feeling it.

Don’t tell yourself you’re afraid of traumas from the past to rise. I promise you they will not. At least not when you feel. Because the traumas have created beliefs based on thoughts and emotions from the past. Feeling lies beyond all of that.

Three Ways to Feel More

If you need a bit more help to achieve that state of feeling deep within, here are three things that can make it a little bit easier for you.

  1. Meditate. Meditation creates space in your mind and helps to reduce the insisting nature of your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions to take control over your perception of the present moment.

  2. Observe. Simple observation is very similar to meditation in the sense that it reduces the urge to interrupt and interact with the external world, as well as your inner world of thoughts.

  3. Breathe consciously. It doesn’t matter what type of breathing you do, any type of breathing done intentionally helps to minimize the constant flow of thoughts and it prevents you from interacting with them. This then opens the possibility of simply feeling.

The moment you start to feel it will be very obvious to you. It’s a state of bliss, peace, and calm. It feels revitalizing and energizes your entire being. Because it brings out what you are from deep within. If it doesn’t feel like that, you’re not feeling it yet. Feeling is everything.

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